Drug trafficking ring broken in Cádiz with police seizing 14 tons of hashish

Police seized more than 14 tons of hashish in Cádiz province.

Almost 50 arrests were made after the Spanish Guardia Civil and coastguard conducted a sting operation in the Cádiz region. Police also seized 14 tons of hashish during the operation which finished on 23rd of September.

The Spanish Guardia Civil had been acting on tips and local intelligence since Operation Baree was launched last December. Police action intercepted a drug supply chain operated by the trafficking ring between Morocco and the south of Spain.

The gang had developed intricate methods to evade police attention, dividing themselves between different stages of drug trafficking. One division of the gang was responsible for loading boats while another controlled transport logistics.

The criminal gang also used different types of boats to move drugs along the Cádiz coastline, entering the Guadalquivir river at Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Police stated that the criminals were heavily armed to protect their supply chain.

Police described the operation as successful in breaking the most active trafficking gang in Cádiz, transporting over 20 tons of hashish per month. The operation concluded with 49 arrests, confiscation of 14,380kg of hashish, ammunition, firearms, mobile phones, stolen goods and a boat.