Online medical consultations are revolutionising care for the elderly in Spain

Online consultations protect elderly people from disease.

Online medical consultations are becoming increasingly popular which is changing the face of healthcare for the elderly.

The pandemic forced many of our daily activities online, including medical appointments. Many patients turned to the internet to get advice from their doctor. But the internet has become the unexpected pioneer of healthcare in the elderly population.

Medical organisation, Top Doctors, conducted research for the International Day for the Elderly on 1st of October, one in five online or telephone consultations are with patients over 64.

Top Doctors found that online appointments were particularly requested by patients in regions with a large elderly population that lacked specialist medical care.

Online consultations are a welcome innovation in elderly patient care. Patients can receive medical care from the comfort of their own homes, reducing pressure on caregivers. Limiting vulnerable patients’ contact with other patients reduces the risk of additional infections dramatically. Patients can also access specialists who may not ordinarily work in their area and second opinions on original diagnoses.

Advances like this could boost elderly care in Spain, which currently sits at 38 out of 44 countries for elderly care analysed in the study.