TikTok professionals need 72 MILLION views in Spain to make an average salary!

TikTok users in Spain need a whopping 72 million views to make an average salary

To equal an average salary, Spanish TikTok users need over 72 million views on their videos!

As household bills spiral, more and more people are seeking another income, a side hustle. One of the most popular avenues young people choose to earn some extra cash is social media apps like TikTok or YouTube. TikTok allows people to monetise their content with adverts, but it is difficult to generate enough views for adverts to generate money.

Analytical company, Reboot, commissioned a study in September to see where in Europe becoming a social media star is a viable career option. Spain ranked 15th out of 40 European countries. To equal average salaries of around €22,000, Spanish TikTokers need to generate 72 million views on the app. Switzerland topped the list, with users needing 218 million views on TikTok content to make a salary.

And if you really want to make it on TikTok, consider heading to Turkey. Turkish TikTok users need just 11 million views per year to become a professional social media star.

Reboot has more information and similar studies online at: https://www.rebootonline.com/