Meme Coins are about to become more popular as Big Eyes Coin combines features from Floki Inu and Avalanche for its users

The crypto space is filled with different meme-inspired crypto projects like Dogecoin and Floki Inu. However, a new kind of meme coin is gradually gaining ground. Right from its token presale, Big Eyes Coin has achieved goals not accomplished by any of its predecessors.

What makes Big Eyes Coin unique? And how well is it prepared to compete in this highly competitive space? Let’s make a review of Big Eyes Coin, comparing it with Floki Inu and Avalanche.

Big Eyes Coin: The Best Ethereum-Based Meme Project

Big Eyes Coin has entered the crypto space as a community-driven crypto project with the potential to grow exponentially. It is a project packed with many reward opportunities to be the next Dogecoin.

Big Eyes Coin will improve memecoin features by becoming the first meme project fueled by evidence-based hype. This is an uncommon feat as most meme-inspired crypto projects promise several juicy rewards to their users only to live up to none.

In contrast, from the start of the Big Eyes Coin crypto project, convincing evidence will be visible to all who care to look. Thus, it will live up to its cat quality of being active. Just as a cat wouldn’t chase its catch to give up after a while, Big Eyes Coin will fully accomplish its goals.


What are some exciting features to be expected from the Big Eyes Coin crypto project?

  1. A Crypto Project Devoted to Solving Environmental Problems: Part of Big Eyes Coin’ goals is to rid the world of environmental problems concerning marine life. It has set aside 5% of its tokens for this purpose.

Big Eyes Coin will periodically make lump sum donations to charitable organisations valued at over 1 million dollars. This is the first evidence Big Eyes Coin will bring out for all interested parties.

  1. The Most Extensive NFT Marketplace: Big Eyes Coin invites NFT designers worldwide to mint their cat-themed NFTs in its NFT marketplace. It hopes to have the most extensive collection of rare cat NFTs. This achievement will make it unique among other NFT platforms.

As an additional incentive, Big Eyes Coin promises its designers lifetime royalties on all their designs.

Big Eyes Coin Crypto Project Next to Floki Inu and Avalanche

The Big Eyes Coin crypto project intends to compete with Floki Inu and the Avalanche crypto project.

Floki Inu is a dog-themed meme project inspired by the famous Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu dog named Floki. The Floki Inu developers utilized the popularity of that name to promote their crypto project.

Avalanche is a crypto blockchain that operates three sub-chain that help it increase its scalability and lower its transaction fees. The Avalanche ecosystem is a proof-of-stake platform that incentivises its token holders when they support its operations.

Big Eyes Coin will feature Floki Inu and Avalanche utilities. It will be a meme-inspired crypto project that leverages its crypto community’s hype to grow its ecosystem. Unlike Floki Inu, Big Eyes Coin will not thrive on empty publicity; instead, it will be an evidence-driven crypto project.


How To Buy the Big Eyes Coin Presale

One significant difference between Big Eyes Coin and the Floki Inu and Avalanche tokens is their availability on popular crypto exchanges. Big Eyes Coin tokens are only accessible from the Big Eyes Coin website. This website gives you access to the presale portal where you can complete the token purchase.

It would help if you funded your crypto wallet with ETH, BNB, or USDT tokens before accessing the presale portal. After depositing the required token into the wallet, visit the Big Eyes Coin token presale website via and click on “Connect Wallet.”

Furthermore, click on “Buy With BNB,” “Buy With ETH,” or “Buy With USDT,” depending on the token you deposited into your wallet for the purchase. Approve the transaction from your wallet to complete the purchase.

Big Eyes Coin tokens sold during the presale will have a 2-month vesting period. Thus, all purchase tokens will be usable two months after the presale concludes. As a guarantee that Big Eyes Coin is a legit platform, 20% of its crypto tokens will serve as liquidity in the Uniswap ecosystem locked for at least 2 years.


Big Eyes Coin will be the first cross-chain meme-inspired crypto project that Ethereum hosts. Buying the presale will make you a part of the Big Eyes Coin crypto space. Read more about Big Eyes Coin and buy the presale through the links below.

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