Big Eyes: A community-led project like Solana & Elrond with incredible services

Big Eyes: A community-led project like Solana & Elrond with incredible services

Big Eyes is a cat community project with various utilities. This meme platform plans to make its projects one of a kind, with the potential to be among the best within a short period.

The framework of Big Eyes combines all the necessary features that accommodate the needs of individuals today and in the future. With Big Eyes, you can engage in entertaining activities within its cat community and earn some income.

As a member of the Big Eyes ecosystem, you are responsible for suggesting necessary changes to operations on the platform. To be entitled to this role, you must be among the tokenholders. Therefore, as a token holder, you can vote on decisions that contribute to the prosperity of the Big Eyes community.

The experience of the Big Eyes cat during its journey over land and seas is the inspiration for this project. While circling the globe, Big Eyes observed the distress of some aquatic animals and the environment they lived in.

Therefore, Big Eyes makes it a project mission to contribute some portion of its profits to any charity specialising in the development of aquatic terrain. This humanitarian gesture aims to safeguard marine lives and make our environment habitable.

Big Eyes NFT

Among other utilities that Big Eyes plan to offer is the Non-Fungible Token NFT. Integrating this feature will put Big Eyes among the best project in the crypto world.

Big Eyes Token (BIG)

The native digital currency on the Big Eyes ecosystem is BIG, which qualifies its holders to participate in the platform’s governing protocol. Members of the Big eyes cat community can claim their earnings with the BIG token.

How to buy Big Eyes Token (BIG)

To acquire your BIG token during the presale, follow the steps below;

  • Download and install the official metamask extension for Google Chrome from (For smartphone users, get trustwallet.)
  • Register an account on the Metamask portal and keep your recovery phrase.
  • Fund your exchange wallet with a payment token like BNB, ETH, or USDT.
  • Go to and connect your registered wallet.
  • Fill in all the necessary information.
  • Choose your payment token and click on “Buy.”
  • You will receive your BIG token when the presale ends.


Comparing Big Eyes with its Competitors.

Solana (SOL)

The demand for quality service in the crypto space from developers and users expands daily. Few networks are capable of meeting the growing needs of these people. Solana is an excellent example of such a network.

Solana is a 3rd generation chain network that remedies the trilemma of blockchains, such as decentralisation, scalability, and security.

Solana’s architecture supports numerous DeFi, the building of decentralised applications, and the automation of smart contracts. These products and services are coupled with fast, safe, and cheap operations. All these outstanding qualities are made possible by the Solana network fusion of two distinct protocols.

The native currency of Solana is SOL, which works similarly to Ether ETH. Holders can be among the network’s validators by staking SOL through the POS mechanism.

Elrond (EGLD)

Elrond is a blockchain protocol that utilises sharding to offer lightning-speed transactions. Elrond prides itself on being the landmark technology for the new internet. The developers behind Elrond integrate decentralized finance, FinTech, and the Internet of Things within the core of its architecture.

These technologies enable Elrond’s smart contracts to execute 15,000 transactions per second at 6-second latency at a fractional cost of $0.001. To achieve high scalability, the Elrond Network runs on 2169 validator nodes distributed across 3 shards; execution, coordination, and meta chain shards.

The native token of the Elrond chain network is eGold EGLD, which can be utilised to pay network fees and smart contract fees. EGLD is also used to stake and reward validators on Elrond Network.


Big Eyes understands the problem facing the existing meme tokens and has sufficient plans that will make the project outlive its peer project. Join the Big Eyes metaverse to enjoy all of its exciting features.



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