Metacryp’s relaxing Gameplay, Polkadot’s Canary Network, and Polygon’s Flexible Framework

Metacryp's relaxing Gameplay, Polkadot's Canary Network, and Polygon's Flexible Framework

If you go on today, you’ll probably be startled by the number of red candlesticks everywhere. Almost all the cryptocurrencies are in the red, even the ones that were doing pretty good for themselves a couple of months ago.

A rule of thumb when trading crypto is not to judge how good a coin will do in the long term by how it is performing today. Metacryp (MTCR), Polkadot (DOT), and Polygon (MATIC) are three cryptocurrencies that have the potential to do well in the long term, no matter how good or bad they may be doing right now. Let’s look at each of them briefly.

Metacryp (MTCR) – The Web3 Game reminding us of how fun childhood was

In our childhood, playing simple games without thinking of anything else was fun. These games helped us relax after a stressful day at school. It also helped us bond with our friends. As the years go by, we’ve become engulfed by adulthood and have so many things on our plates that we’ve forgotten how to have fun as we did in our childhood.

This is one core reason Metacryp (MTCR) has come into the scene. It’s not here to just while away time as another token among the thousands of tokens out there. It’s here with a unique selling point: bringing back the relaxation we lost when we left childhood.

After a long day at work, you want to literally leave this planet if you can and go somewhere else entirely. Metacryp provides that with its Metaverse-based game. You can interact with other players in the Metaverse and be wholly disconnected from reality for as much as you want.

Metacryp (MTCR) is currently on presale and has many juicy bonuses available for the public, including a 13% bonus on purchases made with BNB and a 70% bonus when you buy Metacryp (MTCR) worth up to $3000.

Polkadot’s Canary network keeps whistling like a canary

Polkadot (DOT) is often called the canary network because of the way it helps blockchain users test their products before fully releasing them to the public. Its Parachain links across blockchains and provides their users with invaluable information on the viability of their products.

In this way, it functions much like a Canary Network; miners used them back in the day to determine if there’d been a gas leak in the mine and thus to save miners’ lives. Polkadot recently got edged out of the top ten cryptocurrencies in Coinmarketcap, but there are signs that it may be bouncing back soon. We’ll have to wait and see.

Is Polygon (MATIC) going extinct with the New Ethereum 2.0 set to be launched?

The Polygon (MATIC) blockchain network, formerly known as the MATIC network, was launched to provide seamless transaction processing to users of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum had so many limitations; thus, Polygon could cash in on the popularity and the limits of Ethereum to grow its blockchain.

With Ethereum 2.0 set to be launched in September with exciting features, it remains to be seen if Polygon will remain valuable to people. One thing that’s certain though, is that Polygon has made headway and gathered for itself a wide user base from Ethereum. Thus, it may finally be able to function independently of the Ethereum (ETH) network. We’ll see what happens in the coming months.

Polygon (MATIC) and Polkadot (DOT) are two blockchains that owe a significant part of their success to Ethereum. They’re proving to be good standalone blockchains now, and the following months will tell.

Metacryp (MTCR), though new, is set to take over the Multiverse of Metaverses and fatten the pockets of its users. The next couple of months are sure going to be interesting.

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