European Social Fund provides employment for 33 local people in Gandia

The council welcomed its new employees on a year-long contract

Gandia has gained 33 new council employees thanks to funds from the European Social Fund.

The new workers were welcomed in a ceremony on 23rd of September at the Mirador del Serpis in Gandia. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Gandia, José Manuel Prieto as well as council representatives for employment. Prieto highlighted the effect the new hirings would have on the city, saying they would “contribute to the improvement of the city and the quality of life for all”.

The council was able to employee the new workers on a year-long contract due to a subsidy of €663,000 from the European Social Fund. The funds were allocated to Gandia council by the Ministry for a Sustainable Economy through the EXPLUS Plan and the EMPUJU Plan.

The EXPLUS Plan aims to provide employment for local over-30s and provided employment for 22 people in positions such as maintenance workers, painters, carpenters and construction workers. The EMPUJU Plan provides employment solutions for people under 30 and provided employment for 11 young people in fields such as journalism, forestry work and data analysis.