School children pedal away with road safety initiative in l’Alfàs del Pi

Children will learn cycle road safety on a special track in L'Alfàs del Pi

A new initiative is set to get children in l’Alfàs del Pi cycling. The council-led project will provide bikes for children to learn bike safety and provide practical ‘I can ride my bike’ lessons in Parc Sant Pere.

The town council has invested more than €10,000 in the scheme which includes the purchase of 30 bikes of differing sizes, 10 tricycles and protective helmets for use in lessons. The council have also set up a storage facility for the bikes in Parc Sant Pere.

On a visit to the new site, mayor, Vicente Arques explained that children will be taught to ride bikes safely in October and November. Children will learn on a custom-made track in the park with traffic features to teach safety.

The cycling project will complement the council’s existing road safety education scheme in local schools which has ran for the last 12 years, benefitting more than 1000 children each year. The programme aims to build road safety habits in children in a fun, engaging way.

It forms part of L’Alfàs del Pi’s sustainable strategy as a bike-friendly town.