Benahavís parents take a stand to demand better school facilities

The group say the school is not suitable for the current amount of students

Parents in Benahavís have formed an action group after seeing their concerns about a primary school ignored. The action group held a meeting on Friday 23rd of September to gather supporters of change.

Parents at C.E.I.P. Daidín have been asking the local board of education for a new school for years, due to overcrowding and a lack of facilities. Parents say that the local education board is one of the wealthiest in the country and can afford to make changes.

The parents are frustrated with the lack of facilities that the school offers, saying it doesn’t comply with Spanish educational law. The school does not have a gym, library, laboratory or music room.

Parents are also frustrated with the amount of space in existing rooms as the school was not built for so many students. Built in 1993 for 150 children, the school currently has 650 students. This also sparked parents’ concerns about safety in case of a fire.

Group spokesperson, Ana Bermúdez, or organiser, Abraham Massri, are happy to speak with anyone interested in supporting the group or finding out more: