Estepona hotel rooms were the most profitable in Spain during August

Estepona hotel rooms topped a national list for profitability

Recent statistics from the INE revealed that Estepona hotels were most profitable in the whole country during August.

The national data agency found that hotel rooms in Estepona made an average profit of nearly €250 per night, compared to the Spanish average of just €101 profit per night. Estepona hotel rooms came first for profitability, followed by Malaga, then San Sebastián.

The report, released on September 26 showed that average room prices rose more than 30 per cent between August 2021 and August 2022 in the town.

Estepona council received the report with delight, explaining that the change reveals that the town is successfully adapting its tourist attractions for the demand.

A spokesperson for the council said that initiatives like ‘The city of a million flowers’ and ‘Estepona, garden of the south’ were responsible for creating a reputation of quality tourist experience. The council also highlighted projects creating new infrastructure in the town, saying these will contribute to the town’s sustained popularity with tourists.