Outdoor opportunity for retired people in Fuengirola with Caminito del Rey trip

The last trip to Caminito del Rey with Tercera Edad

Fuengirola council’s organisation for retired people, Tercera Edad, has announced an exciting hiking opportunity.

Tercera Edad is planning a trip for older people to Caminito del Rey, an aerial path through a gorge in El Chorro, in Malaga province. The planned walking route is low intensity and manageable for older people, though it is not suitable for people with reduced mobility, respiratory or cardiac problems. The walk is also not suitable for people with vertigo due to the nature of the landscape.

The total length of the walk is 7.7 kilometres and should take around 3 hours to complete. The walk is a site of historic and cultural interest due to geological features.

The trip is planned for 27th of October and will cost just €8 to participate, with transport to and from Fuengirola, and breakfast included. There is an option for lunch for an additional €15. Organisers advise participants to bring a backpack to carry their belongings, sun protection, and food if not buying lunch at the site.

Registration is now open for the event at the Tercera Edad building in Fuengirola.