Popular overnight trip for the retired in Mijas is back bigger than ever

Popular overnight trip is back for retired people in Mijas

A trip for retired people has returned to Mijas with huge success after a two year hiatus during the pandemic.

The long-running event is organised by the local council with regional agency for the elderly, Tercera Edad. This year more than 1400 people from Mijas will enjoy stays in Almería. Organisers had to put on three separate trips to accommodate all of those interested. The first trip left on Monday September 26 with two more planned during the next week.

The trip sees participants head to Almería for a one-night stay with a busy schedule of cultural and fun activities along the way, including a theme park!

Local Mayor, Josale González explained, “This is the only chance some of our local elderly people get to get out on a trip so we were so excited to bring back this trip and made every effort to ensure they had the fun they deserved”.

The head of Tercera Edad commented, “This trip is one of our biggest events and takes a lot of planning. But it’s worth every effort when we see their excited faces!”.