Urban environment set to be transformed under new plan in Marbella

City council members vote to approve a new urban plan for Marbella

Marbella City Council gave new urban development plans the green light in a meeting on 26th of September.

Council representatives gave their approval to proposals in the transformative ‘Plan General de Ordenación Municipal’ plan. The plan contains proposals to optimise urban areas with housing and business solutions as well as expanding green spaces. Urban planners also want to restructure the road network to create better accessibility with nearby towns.

The plan meets sustainability targets by making transport connections more efficient and by increasing green spaces. 29 green areas and parks have been earmarked by developers to be expanded.

Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, praised urban planners for their efforts in getting the plans off the ground and for the extraordinary reception the plans got, over 80% of the proposals were accepted by the committee. Muñoz described the plans as “a huge step for Marbella”, highlighting the positive effects it would have on local employment and the housing market.

Muñoz also highlighted that Marbella will be the first city in Andalucía to act under a new sustainability law which promotes developments that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.