EU announces target to offer cancer screening to 90 per cent of suspected cases

The EU wants everyone eligible for cancer screening to be offered it as early as possible

The European Health Union ramps up its efforts to prevent deaths from cancer with a screening policy.

The European Commission proposed a new policy ‘Screening more and screening better’ as part of its Europe’s Beating Cancer plan. The plan aims to identify cancer cases at the earliest stage possible to stop deaths and replace its current 20 year old strategy from September 20.

Under the new proposal, 90 per cent of people eligible for cancer screening will be offered screening appointments by 2025. Targeted screening will be expanded to look for prostate, gastric and lung cancers. Age groups offered screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer will be broadened according to latest medical research. Screening will also be expanded for lung, prostate and gastric cancer based on lifestyle or other risk factors identified by doctors.

The plans will make use of €38.5 million from the EU4Health fund and €60 million from Horizon Europe to implement increased screening. The European Commission also pledged its commitment to equality of access to treatment in a timely fashion as well as aftercare.