New data shows Torremolinos most popular in all Andalucía for overnight stays in August

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Image: Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos

New data released on September 25 reveals Torremolinos had highest hotel occupancy in Andalucía during August, with figures exceeding those from 2019.

It was previously reported that Torremolinos had the highest hotel room occupancy in Málaga province during August, but new figures from the INE reveal that the coastal town had the highest occupancy rate in Andalucía during the period. 675,489 tourists made an overnight stay in Torremolinos in August.

Tourists in Torremolinos represented more than a third of tourism to the Costa del Sol region.

In line with previous years, Spanish tourists represented the majority of those making overnight stays in the town, with 73,883 visitors during August. British tourists were the second largest nationality with 16,465 tourists, followed by French tourists at 7242, Dutch tourists at 6345 and Belgians at 2571.

INE data also demonstrated that employment in the local hospitality sector has surged to accommodate tourist demand, with 3328 people employed in hotels alone.

The 2022 summer season represented a record year for tourism in Torremolinos with figures more than recovering to pre-pandemic levels.