Brits ignore health concerns to avoid ‘making a fuss’ finds new report

Image of a doctor.

Image of a doctor. Credit: Ground Picture/

Brits are likely to ignore health problems to avoid ‘causing a fuss’ according to a report released on September 28.

Brits are being urged to check on their health after a report found that nearly a third of British adults have ignored a symptom of a potential condition to avoid ‘making a fuss’. It also revealed that only a third of British adults regularly check for health problems.

Research conducted by Benenden Health asked 2000 British adults about their health to develop understanding about healthcare use and encourage individuals to check out potentially dangerous symptoms.

The survey investigated the reasons for ignoring concerning symptoms, finding that 30 per cent did so due to lack of GP appointments and 28 per cent for being ‘too British’ and not wanting a fuss.

The survey also found that the symptom Brits were most likely to seek medical advice for was chest pain, with 59 per cent saying they would visit a doctor for this.

The report has been released in partnership with Channel 4’s new ‘Time for a check in’ campaign, encouraging British people to check on their health.