Crater in Almería likely caused by collision eight million years ago say scientists

The crater possibly created from collision with a meteor is located in an Almerían mountain range

A probable impact crater has been discovered in Almería province, which would be the first of its kind on the Iberian Peninsula.

Scientists announced the discovery at the Europlanet Science Congress on September 23, saying they believe that an impact event happened around eight million years ago.

Scientists believe a four kilometre wide crater in Betic Corrillera was created by a collision because of the rock composition in the area. There are around 200 impact craters in the world, but none have been confirmed on the Iberian Peninsula until now.

The discovery is the culmination of 15 years of research by an international working group of scientists from Spanish universities in Almería and Madrid and Danish universities in Copenhagen and Lund.

Project lead, Professor Juan Antonio Sánchez Garrido announced the exciting discovery at Europlanet Science Congress explaining the research methods scientists took including studying geology, chemistry, and morphology of the landscape.

Sánchez Garrido also highlighted the positive impacts that the discovery could have on the surrounding area, contributing to the scientific and tourism attractions Almería has to offer.