Grow your professional network with a business event this October

Fear not if you find it hard to build business connections with a new networking event!

Business professionals are at the ready for a special edition networking event to build connections in the workplace on October 27.

In the age of work from home, it has become increasingly difficult to build a professional network outside of internet sites like LinkedIn. But ‘Business Cocktail’ networking event will allow local businesspeople to grow their networks with an in-person meeting.

The evening will take place from 7:30-8:30pm at the Ático HO Almería to allow professionals with a 9-5 schedule to attend. Organisers invite local businesspeople to grab a drink and come and listen to discussions between figures in local industries and meet new people.

Topics on the agenda include business concerns in the context of the pandemic and the transition of many companies to digital working and other contemporary issues like the climate crisis. Organisers want businesspeople to feel at home and give them the chance to meet like-minded individuals that could even become business partners.

The event is free but those interested can register online at: