Adirize, Flow and Decentraland- Improving the Cryptocurrency Experience

Adirize, Flow and Decentraland- Improving the Cryptocurrency Experience

Cryptocurrency, since its implementation, has been able to transform the world’s financial industry and economy, especially in the aspect of job generation. Very quickly, it’s been able to solve the potent issue of unemployment as numerous persons have acquired employment in the ecosystem with a lot of them being self-employed.

Over time, the evolution of the cryptocurrency industry has been able to bring other innovations such as blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the web3 universe. All of these make-up what we know as the Metaverse.

Tokens like Adirize (ADI), Decentraland (MANA) and Flow (FLOW) are products of the metaverse that seeks to give users and investors a better experience when it comes to flexibility, scalability, speed, security and most importantly, decentralization.

Adirize – taking decentralization to a whole new level

The Adirize network is a DAO that’s intentional about involving its community in important decision-making that concerns the project, that is, it’s community-centric. Adirize’s a decentralized network that seeks to completely eradicate centralisation. It aims at reducing the rate of volatility by initiating a new category of stablecoins that is independent of fiat currencies.

About The DAO

DAO simply means Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It adopts various collaborative styles for decision-making. Here, each member of the DAO is entitled to the right to vote.

Adirize DAO’s primary aim is to tackle the issue of centralized stablecoins and their dependence on the US dollar by introducing their token, ADI which is a free-floating currency that has the backing of numerous assets.

ADI – The governing token of the Adirize Network

ADI is the native utility token of the Adirize ecosystem. It is a token that functions completely independent of the US dollar.  Some of the features of the ADI token are:

  • It is pro-decentralization, that is, it seeks to make the crypto market independent.
  • Unlike USDC and USDT, it isn’t west-centralized.
  • Staking will be utilized as a resource for value acquisition.
  • It provides free-floating value to its users that they can always rely on.
  • ADI will own its liquidity rather than borrow from others.
  • Staking might be ADI’s primary method of acquiring value, but it is dependent on bonding to lock up liquidity while also generating liquidity.


Investors and users of this Token, as well as members of the DAO, are entitled to certain benefits such as; holding, staking and staking rewards and contributions to the ADI liquidity pool.

Supply: 100, 000, 000 ADI Tokens.

Where certain percentages will be utilized in public sales, community pool, capital reserve, ecosystem Grant and of course, staking rewards.

User experience doesn’t get better than FLOW

Flow is a decentralized network that was originally conceived by the team behind the Crypto Kitties project. It is a powerful means for developers to create great experiences for users. More so, it’s built on an ecosystem of brands and builders in the web3 network.

The Flow Playground permits creators to design and trade digital assets such as NFTs. Just like other crypto assets, NFTs can also be traded, that is bought, sold, and exchanged without a centralized third party.

Decentraland (MANA) – The Go-to for Digital Assets

Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual world for digital assets such as Lands, Estates and even Avatars. It is currently among the top trading platforms where individuals can interact with one another via games and other activities.

MANA is the utility token of Decentraland built on the ERC-20 network. Players, investors and users can purchase or trade LAND, NFTs and other services in Decentraland with this token. It is the coin that functions in transactions (gas fees) and gaming utilities.

Adirize DAO (ADI);





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