The Innovative and Exciting side of Crypto, with Big Eyes, Decentraland and Shiba Inu

With the exciting and ever-evolving nature of crypto, it is vital that the platforms growth and adapt in the favour of the users. The nature of cryptocurrency is continuously expanding, and while it may seem scary and confusing on the surface, there are plenty of platforms that are suited for everyone, even you.

With Big Eyes, Decentraland and Shiba Inu, they are reinventing the crypto game and allowing everyone accesses to variety and choice within the crypto community, and having bundles of fun along the way.

Let’s see how these platforms are trailblazing their way and standing out from the crypto crowd.

Big Eyes looking out for the animal lovers in Crypto

With the upcoming cryptocurrency making its mark and already earning $3.2 million, Big Eyes are the ones to look out for. The coin has many fun features and has a unique approach to its community in that there is a strong focus on animals and the environment. Whether you have a pet you adore or you are an environmental activist, the phenomenon of the platform’s presale has allowed this demographic of people to get involved with crypto.

With no buy tax, sell tax or fees, Big Eyes allows its community to get involved without any financial concerns. With too many numbers, for many people, this can deduct the fun and overall interest. Big Eyes makes this extremely easy and allows people to enjoy and invest in the platform without any external or technical concerns.


The innovative side of Big Eyes is also revolutionary and forward-thinking, as they are aiming for 80% of its coins to be available to its community from day one, and have 5% of the total supply to go towards ocean sanctuaries. Their cat aesthetics are visually appealing and have a wonderfully caring and sustainable underlying message.

The coin-crypto cathouse is one to keep in mind when looking into the world of crypto, and if you care about the environment, invest in Big Eyes!

De-stress with Decentraland

Decentraland is the first fully decentralised world owned by its very own users. If you are a very creative person or like the idea of being a part of a new online community and virtual reality, it is yours to invest, involve, create and expand in.

Decentraland is a platform providing all its users to test the depths of their imagination and opens up opportunities to create and take part in scenes, various artworks, challenges and much more. Users can also sell and trade their digital assets and goods within the platform’s marketplace.

From adventurous scenes and structures to mazes and villages completely created by the imaginative minds of its community members, Decentraland allows the possibilities to be endless. They stock some of the best digital goods and are backed by the Ethereum blockchain, and have an excellent opportunity to allow its community to connect and build the platform the way they desire.


Decentraland is the perfect crypto-community for those looking to be inventive, and creative and has the desire to explore virtual wonders and possibilities.

Changing the Meme Game with Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is the innovative meme token that has evolved into the most vibrant ecosystem around. With the simplistic creation of your Shiba wallets, you can buy, sell, receive and trade to your heart’s desire. Shiba is up thousands of times and is constantly evolving with the help of its community.

The community of Shiba Inu is a collective of many passionate and talented individuals who have built the platform into what it is today. The space is open for growth and development and invites everyone within the community to contribute their creative flairs. The platform gives its community the chance to bring their inspirations and unique perspectives to life through the space of the crypto world.

They are another platform for creating safe and creative spaces for individual and expressive minds to explore their interests and connect with likeminded people globally.

To Conclude…

Crypto is continuously evolving and changing to suit every single person, not just those with original interests in crypto. The world is evolving to cater to everyone’s interests, so it is time to get stuck in.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)






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