Dénia hosts inaugural meeting for Spanish delegation of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network

The Spanish Association of Creative Cities was created in Dénia last week

A landmark agreement was signed in Dénia on September 30, integrating the town and four other Spanish towns and cities into UNESCO’s Creative Cities network. Council representatives from other creative cities, Burgos, LLíria and Manises came together with Dénia council to form The Spanish Association of Creative Cities and join the UNESCO network.

Dénia hosted representatives from eight cities across UNESCO’s international Creative Cities network for a special conference to discuss protections for creative cities and events to protect and promote their heritage. José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, the permanent Spanish delegate to UNESCO chaired the meeting.

Each city represented in the organisation has a different creative speciality such as cuisine in Burgos and Dénia, music in Llíria and handicrafts in Manises. The Spanish Association of Creative Cities will be headed by Burgos.

Further events are planned including collaborating with other international creative cities not yet integrated into the UNESCO Creative Cities network, Tangier in Morocco and Tours in France. Dénia is also set to hold a food festival to showcase its unique and now-protected cuisine!