New fire safety plan in Dénia to reduce risk of forest fires

Land in Denia is categorised according to fire risk in a new council plan to control fires

Dénia Town Council voted unanimously to start implementing the ‘Pla de Cremes’ fire safety plan on Friday September 30.

The plan sets out conditions for safe waste burning in the Dénia area. Authorities have divided land into five categories depending on fire risk. The land zones have distinct fire regulations; waste burning will be prohibited in residential zones, permitted with council authorisation in zone 2 (land 30-500 metres from forest area) or with permission from the Environmental Agency in zone 1 (forest areas). Waste burning will be permitted without explicit permission in zone 4 (areas further than 500 metres from the forest).

Other conditions in the plan include changes to time restrictions for waste burning. Residents will now be allowed to burn waste on Sundays but not on bank holidays and Easter holidays. The plan also states that residents consider wind direction and speed when starting fires.

The plan is designed to minimise the risk of forest fires which have been increasingly prevalent during the last two years on the Iberian Peninsula.

Residents have 30 days to submit any complaints or amendments before the council takes action.

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