‘The library comes to school’ in Mijas guaranteeing access to books for all

School children in Mijas have guaranteed access to the same books through special scheme

A popular library scheme returns to Mijas for another academic year! Local Councillor for Libraries, Natalia Martínez announced the renewal of the scheme which will lend more than 2000 books to local schools on September 29.

‘The library goes to school’ project encourages reading among school-age children. The scheme caters for students from nursery school-age to high school and provides 1675 books which are loaned to schools for collective reading in class.

Martínez explained that the scheme “combats the problem of 25 to 30 parents trying to borrow the same books from the library”. By providing the books directly to the schools, children are assured the same access to reading. The scheme allows collective reading ‘story-time’ in classes across the region, where children can develop their comprehension of topics through discussion.

Local teacher, Nano Domínguez, also commented “It is so important our children know that the library is there for them to enrich their learning”.

Books sent to the schools are adapted to current curriculum demands and the choices of schools who can submit requests for certain books prior to the start of the school year.