September electric vehicle sales up 21 per cent from last year with Tesla leading sales charts

Tesla was the most popular brand of electric car sold in Spain last month

As infrastructure gradually improves to support transitions to electric vehicles, sales figures show car owners are turning towards electric cars in record numbers. In line with similar policies across Europe, Spain is set to ban diesel and petrol car sales by 2035, which is encouraging drivers to turn towards electric vehicles.

Recent figures revealed that 3829 new electric cars were sold in Spain in September, a growth of 21.08 per cent on the same period last year. Similarly, during the first nine months of the year, sales of electric vehicles were up 42.54 per cent on 2021. Reports also found an increase in hybrid cars which sold a total of 4191 units during September.

Tesla topped sales charts for electric vehicles, with its Model 3 and Model Y selling more units than any other brand during September. The Tesla Model 3 was launched in 2017 and is marketed as a cheaper alternative to previous Teslas and other electric vehicles. With a full electric range of nearly 450km, the car appeals to environmentally-conscious drivers while its self-driving capabilities and smart style attract business and technologically-minded buyers.

The other most popular electric car models in September included the Fiat 500, Mini Cooper SE, Dacia Spring and Mercedes electric models.