Art lovers unite in Mallorca with new partnership between arts society and Palma hotel

Iconic art-themed hotel in Palma forms partnership with local Arts Society Mallorca

An exciting new partnership has been announced between Hotel Artmadams and The Arts Society Mallorca to bring art into the spotlight. The owners of the iconic Hotel Artmadams in Palma recently hosted a cocktail party to celebrate their sponsorship of the Arts Society Mallorca and announced the move on October 4.

The Arts Society Mallorca holds monthly cultural activities covering diverse art styles, from ancient art such as Tutankhamun’s tomb to modern art including Banksy. The Arts Society Chairman, Tim Robinson expressed delight at the new partnership saying, “The Society attracts members from many nationalities who are interested in learning more about the Arts and want to form new friendships. We are thrilled to have the support of the Hotel Artmadams”.

The hotel is the ideal sponsor for the society, already boasting an magnificent modern art collection. Hotel owners also celebrated the partnership “We are delighted to have the opportunity to help the Society in its interesting work” said Jaime España. “It is extremely fitting that a hotel so well known for its art should be partnering with a society dedicated to art, it is a wonderful marriage!”said Lluch Deya, his wife.