Rare copies of Cervantes’ classical Spanish literary masterpieces will go on auction in December

A third edition copy of Miguel de Cervante’s seminal literary work from 1608 is going to auction

A rare collection of 17th century work by Spanish literary great, Miguel de Cervantes will go to auction later this year where stories could fetch more than €900,000 combined. The collector’s edition books will go to the auction hall in December in Paris, four hundred years after being printed.

A unique third edition of literature classic, Don Quixote, is set to fetch an impressive €500,000- €600,000. It is made particularly unusual due to manuscript-style notes made by Cervantes as he revised tales from the first and second editions of the book.

 Another item by Cervantes up for auction is a first edition collection of stories, Novelas ejemplares also from the 17th century.

The books also have a fascinating story of their own, having been sought out by Bolivian diplomat, Jorge Ortiz Linares in the 1930s. One antique book dealer described it as the “rarest and best example to have reached the market in decades” and a “miracle find”.

Cervantes’ classical works have inspired generations of Spanish literature lovers. And for collectors, the works are priceless as they show Cervantes’ literary prowess and are testament to his extensive legacy.