Moshnake Aims to surpass The Sandbox as a play-to-earn game amidst other platforms, including Aave, in the Cryptocurrency Market

Moshnake Aims to surpass The Sandbox as a play-to-earn game amidst other platforms, including Aave, in the Cryptocurrency Market

Several projects have hit the cryptocurrency market to improve their users’ lives. For instance, Aave (AAVE) is the DeFi lending protocol that allows you to borrow or lend cryptocurrencies without centralized intermediaries. But with play-to-earn ecosystems such as Moshnake (MSH) and The Sandbox (SAND), you can get an income of your own in the most fun way possible.

The Sandbox (SAND) is a play-to-earn game with thousands of players in the Metaverse. The Sandbox (SAND) game has pioneered innovations in the web 3.0 sphere, inspiring several other play-to-earn games to thrive in the coin market. Moshnake (MSH) is the latest NFT gaming platform projected to amass great success with the revived classic snake game.

Moshnake (MSH) revives the famous hit game, Snake Xenzia, incorporating it with exciting features, including a PvP game mode that lets you combat other players. The game retains its entertainment value while amassing riches in the hands of its players. Moshnake (MSH) runs on the Binance Smart Chain network to give it an edge over platforms like Aave (AAVE) and The Sandbox (SAND) in transaction fees and other blockchain features.


Moshnake with a fascinating game mode to retain its players

Although it’s bringing back the classic snake games, Moshnake (MSH) has added stellar features to make it even more interesting. It now has a multiplayer option where you deposit an entry fee in Venom (VEN) tokens. These Venom tokens (VEN) will be pooled into a pot prize where the winner of multiplayer games gets to take it all.

Your aim in the battle arena will be to swallow eggs and tokens and kill other Moshnakes (MSH) in the arena. When you’ve consumed the required number of eggs and Moshnakes on the platform, placing yourself amongst the top five players, the game will open a black hole in which you can store your winnings.

When you store your winnings in this black hole, you’ll be able to continue with the game and not lose your earned rewards if a Moshnake should kill you. Also, if you reach a score that puts you in the top spots in weekly rankings, the game’s treasury will reward you with Venom tokens (VEN). Also, the more players in the game, the better the rewards available to be won.

However, if you don’t want to partake in the multiplayer options, you can also play against the environment where your winnings might not be up to the multiplayer mode.

How to get started with Moshnake

You can set up an account with Moshnake (MSH) and be a member of the gaming ecosystem in a simple process. First, you’re required to set up a MetaMask wallet and add the BNB Smart Chain network. Once you’re done setting up the wallet and configuring the network, proceed to load your wallet with the game’s currencies – Moshnake (MSH) and Venom (VEN) tokens.

Next, you should navigate to the Moshnake internal NFT marketplace, where you can set up a game account. First, you’ll be required to connect your loaded wallet with the marketplace. Once you do, set up the game account by providing an email address and password. After this, the NFT interface will unlock for you to purchase one of the four Moshnake NFTs. You’ll buy the NFT with the Moshnake tokens (MSH).

Download the game from the website and sync your assets with it, then start playing.

How To Buy Moshnake Tokens

You can buy the Moshnake tokens in the steps listed below.

  1. Visit the Moshnake website at
  2. Go to the “Buy Now” page.
  3. Connect your wallet.
  4. Buy MSH tokens with BNB, ETH, or USDC.
  5. Claim your tokens on the homepage.


The Moshnake (MSH) platform is positioned to be highly profitable, from the game to the tokens. So buy the MSH tokens to not miss out on this great project!







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