Meet the teams behind the genuis crypto platforms, with Feed3 and Polygon

Meet the teams behind the genuis crypto platforms, with Feed3 and Polygon

Behind every booming business and successful venture, there are a group of tenacious and driven individuals with passions and exciting ideas for the future. With the ever-evolving and modern moves happening in the world of cryptocurrency, it is no surprise that more platforms are surfacing with younger and more diverse individuals.

The world of crypto is inclusive and naturally has its doors open for anyone to explore the wonders and depth of the coins. With the coin craze being an online space, it can be easy to forget and almost disassociate from the fact that people are working their magic behind the scenes.

Bringing in people who are handling the same projects but have different perspectives on them helps businesses and online platforms preserve excitement and opens doors to innovation.

So when it comes to crypto platforms Feed3 and Polygon, who are the people behind the madness? And what effects does the diversity of the teams have on the generic views of crypto?

Let’s discuss this.


The team behind the fabulous Feed3

Feed3 is the first feedback-to-earn protocol built on top of the blockchain. It is a space which grants gamers across the world the space to earn whilst they play, but also earn through productive feedback on games on the blockchain. The space has an openness and inclusive nature to it which echoes through the functionalities of the platform.

It provides web3 brands with decentralised analytics to improve and scale while rewarding and retaining communities. Feed3 is a great space which does not discriminate and allows anyone to explore the platform.

The platform prioritises communication and comfortable space for its community to interact and give feedback. So how does this reflect on the team?

The Feed3 team is full of diverse individuals and has two of its three highest figures in the business being female. Denisa Moce is the co-founder and CPO, and Flavia Farcut is Feed3’s main community lead.

 This is an excellent and effective stance for a crypto platform as it demonstrates to investors and people looking into the platform that women are involved in the crypto movement. It is something that has a general stigma around it being a predominantly male space, so having female figures in control breaks down the wall of misogynistic assumptions and invites women into this new and exciting online movement.

But when it comes to comparing Feed3 with other exciting and developing crypto platforms like Polygon, what are the differences between the teams?

The power of Polygon

Polygon is a decentralised platform that allows users to create and develop user-friendly apps and learn more about the crypto world. Whether you are a beginner to cryptocurrency or the crypto-pro, Polygon invites you to learn about the development of the blockchain and how to develop and build applications.

It is aiming to solve scalability and usability problems without compromising decentralisation. The platform is a scaling solution for existing platforms to offer a superior user experience for all user functionalities.

When it comes to assessing the team at Polygon, it is full of like-minded individuals from various cultural and social backgrounds which are affecting and shifting the success of the platform in a positive way. The team is made up of passionate and smart people across the globe which is great and broadens the team’s scope of representation


Where they differ and could potentially learn from Feed3 is that Polygon is very male-dominated. With all of their co-founders and mentors being male, this is an area that could expand and invite passionate and excitable females who are driven when it comes to crypto. The higher positions within Polygon are heavily male-orientated and it would be great to see a shift in this and invite more women in and take on their skillsets and perspectives.

To Conclude…

With cryptocurrency being a very modern realm to be involved with, there is space for everyone to get stuck in. Whoever you are, the joys of cryptocurrencies mean there is a space for everyone. Check the links below and see the innovative changes happening by the second.

Feed3 (FD3)






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