A guide to the 10 best clinics for hair transplants in Spain

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For many people, losing hair due to ageing or a medical issue such as alopecia, or simply because of a receding hairline, can affect confidence hugely. Many of us take our hair for granted until we start to lose it. Due to this, as well as advancements in science and cosmetic surgery, a rising number of men are undergoing hair transplants – with impressive results! But where are the best clinics for hair transplants in Spain? Take a look at our guide for the 10 best clinics and start your journey to confidence!

An increasing number of men are undergoing hair transplants in Spain, whether because of a receding hairline, balding, a medical issue or hair that is thinning. Losing hair can have a big knock on confidence, but hair transplants can really make a difference – take a look at Wayne Rooney, Elon Musk and John Travolta, to name a few! Hair transplants are rapidly becoming the norm. However, it is extremely important to use an experienced, trusted and qualified professional to carry out the procedure. So, the Euro Weekly News has created this guide to the 10 best clinics for hair transplants in Spain so that you can begin your journey. 

What is a hair transplant and how much does it cost?

According to Web MD, it’s a type of surgery that moves hair you already have to fill an area with thin or no hair. Doctors have been doing these transplants in America since the 1950s, but techniques have changed a lot in recent years.

If thinning up top or going bald really bothers you and affects your confidence, the procedure can be one way to feel more confident about your looks. It is advisable to talk with a health professional first to rule out any medical issues, and then find a qualified and reputable clinic to carry out the procedure.

The cost of a hair transplant can vary, especially from country to country. However, in Spain, the procedure will cost from around €2,500 to €4,500.

What is the procedure for a hair transplant?

The surgeon will clean and numb your scalp and there is a choice of one of two methods for the transplant: follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE). 

With the FUSS procedure, the surgeon removes a 6- to 10-inch strip of skin from the back of your head. This is then set aside and the scalp is sewn together. This area is immediately hidden by the hair around it.

The surgeon’s team then divides the strip of removed scalp into 500 to 2,000 tiny grafts, each with an individual hair or just a few hairs. The number and type of graft you get will depend on your hair type, the quality of your hair, the colour of your hair, and the size of the area where you wish to have the hair transplanted.

For the FUE procedure, the surgeon’s team will shave the back of your scalp. The doctor will then remove hair follicles one by one from there. The area heals with small dots, which your existing hair will cover.

After that point, both procedures are the same. After they prepare the grafts, the surgeon cleans and numbs the area where the hair is being transplanted, creates holes or slits with a scalpel or needle, and carefully places each graft in one of the holes.

How long does a hair transplant and recovery take?

Depending on the size of the transplant you are having, the process will take about 4 to 8 hours. You might need another procedure later on if you continue to lose hair or decide you want thicker hair.

Your scalp with most likely be tender after the procedure and you may need to take some painkillers for this. You will need to wear bandages for at least one or two days and you may be prescribed antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medication. However, most people can return to work two to five days after the procedure.

Within two to three weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out and you should start to notice new growth within a few months. The majority of people who have a hair transplant will see 60 per cent new hair growth within six to nine months.

The 10 best clinics for hair transplants in Spain

So, now that you know the procedure and the recovery time, you will want to know the best clinics to undergo the procedure in Spain.

CapilClinic, Barcelona and Madrid

This clinic uses the Min Time FUE Method, resulting in unlimited follicle transplant, implanted without a defined pattern, according to the physiognomy of the patient, which guarantees the maximum possible density of hair in the transplanted area. The root of the transplanted hair is reinforced with a mesotherapy treatment to improve hair health and obtain greater durability.

With the help of their specialised medical team with extensive experience and using the most advanced techniques in hair grafting, CapilClinic offer the best results to all their patients both in Turkey and in Spain.

Website: Click here


Telephone: 683 35 14 22 / 911 98 44 21

Email: [email protected]

Address: Calle Foresta, 13, 28050, Madrid


Telephone: 681 08 88 03 / 932 71 33 46

Email: [email protected]

Address: Calle Amigó n11 3r, 08021, Barcelona

Dr Maria Asensi, Palma de Mallorca

Dr Maria Asensi has over 20 years of experience in the field of Trichology, a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Valencia amongst many other qualifications in the area of cosmetic hair transplanting.

Using the FUE procedure, Dr Maria Asensi and her team use micro scalpels from 0.7 to 0.9 mm, leaving very small wounds that heal in a short space of time and do not leave any scars afterwards. Thanks to the use of the implanter in this phase, they do not need to make previous incisions and avoid injuries in the recipient area. This special instrument allows them to angle and direct the hair exactly to the native hair, to guarantee 100 per cent natural results.

Website: Click here

Telephone: +34 971 28 28 28

Email: [email protected]

Address: Calle República Dominicana, 3, Local 1. 07014, Palma de Mallorca

Instituto Medico Ricart, Valencia

Using the FUE technique, the team at Instituto Medico Ricart do not fully shave the patient´s head – something that is often very important for people with long hair. The hair transplant begins with a digitised diagnosis (Trichoscan) that helps the dermatologist who specialises in hair regeneration to determine the type of alopecia suffered, what stage it is in and if it is a candidate for a hair transplant.

Instituto Medico Ricart also has clinics in Madrid, Alicante and Torrent.

Website: Click here

Telephone: +34 960 619 002

Email: [email protected]

Address: Graphic Arts 4-5, 46010

Medical Hair Institute, Barcelona

The Medical Hair Institute is a team of 20 people including doctors, nurses, technicians and specialists in hair medicine and cosmetic surgery with years of experience, accompanying their patients to find the right solution to their hair problems.

The Medical Hair Institute uses the FUE technique, as well as bio-fibre implants made from biocompatible materials, which are implanted directly into the scalp, through a minimally invasive procedure.

Website: Click here

Telephone: +(34) 654 64 59 92

Email: [email protected]

Address: Paseo la Bonanova 69, 4th floor, Barcelona

Clinica Bonome, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 

Clinica Bonome is run by Dr Elizabeth Garcia Bonome, MD, a surgeon with more than a decade of experience in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery in Spain. Her experience includes hair loss and restoration for men and women and her clinic offers a range of treatments for hair restoration. These include Strip Trichophytic, and FUE automated, or even a combination of the two depending on the client’s needs. 

Clinica Bonome also offers food supplements, medication, mesotherapy and PRP, to find the best way for its clients to get the best results for their needs and preferences. 

Website: Click here

Telephone: +34 922282162

Email: [email protected]

Address: Calle Cairasco, 9, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 38004 

Mediteknia, Hair Transplant Clinic 

Mediteknia are a clinic committed to innovation in the field of research into the hair follicle. Receiving heavy investment in 2015, the Mediteknia Skin & Hair Lab was designed to contribute to search for new projects in this field in order to offer the best when it comes to hair transplant treatment.

Working in close collaboration with state-of-the-art European research centres and collaborating with various university research departments, they have advanced and continually developing knowledge around the biology of the hair follicle, testing new techniques and products in order to enhance hair growth and maintenance. 

Website: Click here

Telephone: 928 232 278 

Email: [email protected]

Address: Avda. Alcalde Jose Ramirez Benthencourt, 20, 35004, Las Palma de Gran Canaria 

Dr Galan, Cordoba

Doctor Galan is a Doctor specialising in hair restoration surgery, using the most avant-garde technology on the market for the best results. At this hair transplant clinic in Cordoba, you can enjoy a totally exclusive and personalised treatment, using the most innovative hair implantology techniques. Dr Galan offers both the FUE capillary technique and capillary grafts using the FUSS technique.

Website: Click here 

Telephone: 634 625 631

WhatsApp: 634 625 631

Email: [email protected]

Address: Avd America 51 Cordoba, Spain

Grupo Pedro Jaen, Madrid

Specialising in trichology and hair transplants, the Grupo Pedro Jaen is nationally and internationally acclaimed in the diagnostic of any medical, cosmetic, or surgical treatment of hair and scalp conditions such as alopecia in both men and women.

Run by a team of doctors qualified to the highest degree, and making use of the most advanced technology, they have become one of the best clinics for hair transplants, both scalp and facial, in Spain. 

Website: Click here 

Telephone: 914 317 861 

Email: [email protected]

Address: Cinca no.30 El Viso, 28002, Madrid 

Dr Bruno Ferreira

Run by a leading Hair Transplant surgeon, the Dr Bruno Filipe Carneiro clinic has been performing Hair Transplant Surgery exclusively for 10 years. As a perfectionist in giving the most natural results, Dr Ferreira skips no steps in delivering the best results for his patients and making the process as comfortable, pain-free and clear as possible. 

The philosophy upon which he has built his clinic is “lifting the weight from my patient’s shoulders worrying about their hair. You go and live your life and we’ll make sure your hair will be there along for the ride with you.” He does this by utilising the latest research around Hair Transplant Surgery and using the most state-of-the-art technology and equipment to carry out procedures. 

Website: Click here 

Telephone: +351 919 615 452 

Email: [email protected] 

Address: R. 19 1271, 4500-252, Espinho, Portugal

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