COVID-19 deaths jump nearly 40% in England and Wales

COVID-19 deaths jump nearly 40% in England and Wales

COVID-19 Vaccination. Image: Viacheslav Lopatin/

COVID-19 deaths have jumped by nearly 40 per cent in the first week of October according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the UK.

The figures released today Tuesday, October 18 show 400 to have died from the virus in the first seven days of October, with the death certificate of 254 (63.5 per cent) listing COVID-19 as the primary cause.

Whilst the number remains well below the recorded highs in August, 810 in the week to July 29, officials are still concerned by the sudden increase.

COVD-19 deaths remain well below the peak of 8,500 a week in January 2021, which health experts say is a result of a high level of vaccinations, antibodies gained through previous infections and the mutation of the virus to a less dangerous form.

It is thought around one in 35 people have the virus currently, that is around 1.5 million homes within which someone has a COVID-19 infection. That number is up by more than 35 per cent and is believed to be rising.

Health officials have been expecting a rise in the number of infections as winter draws in, although they do not expect the number of deaths to rise much beyond the highs of the summer.

Areas said to be worst affected are the southeast, the southwest and the east of England.

Health officials have once again recommended that people take precautions to keep infection levels down and to follow government advice as COVID-19 deaths jump nearly 40 per cent.

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    • Dr Trth

      18 October 2022 • 19:37

      That’s because Pfizer have admitted to EU MEP’s LAST WEEK that the vaccines where never tested properly BEFORE BEING INJECTED and all those now injected have have their immune systems protected interfered with side effects such as heart attacks.

    • Jessica

      19 October 2022 • 10:44

      What they are not declaring is that people who have had multiple jabs are actually getting sicker from covid, plus those dying as a result of adverse reactions to the jab are being put down as covid deaths. Theyre lying again, just as they have since day 1 of this fiasco

      • CCW60

        20 October 2022 • 00:59

        You are spot on! They’re lying again. They will NEVER tell the people the truth. This is going to be a harsh winter with those getting multiple jabs being sicker than ever and deaths will rise because of it.

    • John Smith

      19 October 2022 • 11:12

      Funny how everyone is an expert but can only really speak from their own personal experience. I am 70 years old, highly obese, smoked at least two packets of cigarettes a day for over 40 years despite having my lungs wrecked by pneumonia when in my late 20s. I have had three injections, two in Gibraltar and one in the UK, suffered no side effects and have sailed through the pandemic without catching Covid or anything even similar.
      Now I could therefore contend that from my experience (and my wife who is less prone to overeating than me has also had three jabs and no side effects or Covid) that all who are so virulent in their dismissal of the ‘vaccine’ are fools following a negative and wrong agenda, but that would be unfairly dismissive.
      The fact is that it has worked for me and a huge number of others but hasn’t worked for many who have either suffered negative effects or have still caught Covid.
      Each of us has to make their own decision and righty or wrongly, I’m glad that I decided to get inoculated and I’ll be off for my flu jab next.

      • CCW60

        20 October 2022 • 01:37

        Nice that’s been your PERSONAL experience THUS FAR. Unfortunately your experience hasn’t been typical for countless others including innocent children or young athletes who have died from cardiac arrest due to the jab! Hope you have stopped smoking the two packs of cigarettes a day and lost weight. You’re going to need all the help you can get to get through this winter!

    • M

      19 October 2022 • 16:08

      Many number of people suffer from various illnesses through their lives and the fact that Covid 19 even in its initial virulent strain was a 99.8% recoverable disease did not stop the big pharma rolling into action and with profits for some companies exceeding € 35 billion its easy to see the attraction, these injections were never about going through the normal channels to apply for a traditional Vaccine license and were rushed into the market place without the necessary long term trial data to support it’s use on the general public. true some people around 30% of the public were naturally immune but this fact was rejected in place of mass innoculations and the fact that governments around the globe saw fit to villify people who chose to reject such a mandate with any side effects/disability/deaths that could and did flow from such a decision to jab the populations being constantly suppressed/grossly underreported is a crime against humanity. People have different reactions to lots of things and the ommision of any long term trial data being made made available to the Medical proffesions is disturbing to say the least. Clear Information regarding the Injection program during the pandemic is now surfacing and governments like the UK is at least owning upto the fact that compensation is now being payed to people injured or who have died as a direct result of these so called vaccines. Ursula von der leyen has yet to make public the secret contracts that the EU had with big pharm and the reluctance to make this information public speaks volumes around this tragic affair!

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