Economical Expenditure: 3 Cryptocurrencies with Low Fees for Thrifty Investors – Big Eyes, Litecoin and Solana

Economical Expenditure: 3 Cryptocurrencies with Low Fees for Thrifty Investors - Big Eyes, Litecoin and Solana

The cryptocurrency sphere has experienced a general contraction and shrinking over the past year. It’s becoming more and more important that when investing in currencies, customers have smooth transaction experiences, and are not hamstrung by hidden fees, taxes and deductions that shave off the top of purchases.

Many people across the world are feeling the squeeze right now, with European nations experiencing a cost of living crisis and gloomy economic forecasts.

In the spirit of helping you invest your money as wisely as you can, this article will analyse three wallet-friendly options for cryptocurrency investment in late 2022. All of the coins discussed pride themselves on saving token holders money by keeping transaction fees and taxes low.

We’ll compare and contrast Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Litecoin (LTC) and Solana (SOL) to help you understand where you could invest your assets – without being chiselled by exorbitant fees.

Litecoin: Heavy profits, light fees

One of Litecoin’s (LTC) most prized benefits is its ability to allow the exchange of monies globally at lightning-fast speeds and with minimal fees.

This token is based on the Bitcoin (BTC) protocol but differs from that token in that its unique hashing algorithm and lower block transaction times allow for significantly lower fees. This rapid-transaction approach justifies the namesake of the coin – it’s truly a ‘light’ coin compared to the heavy behemoths it follows.

These factors combine to make Litecoin an excellent choice for crypto enthusiasts who may need to make many smaller transactions in a short period, or who frequently send and receive money overseas. By using this coin, you’ll avoid many of the hidden traps that suck money from your overall portfolio.

You won’t sacrifice any efficiency either: thanks to its specialised software foundation, transactions involving Litecoin (LTC) take only minutes to resolve, a nice added bonus for holders who prioritise low fees.

If you’ve suffered in the past from transaction fees getting in the way of your business, then Litecoin (LTC) may well be the coin for you.


Solana: The scalable speed demon

Next in our lineup of low-fee performers is the classy Solana (SOL), a decentralised blockchain hub designed to facilitate app development and low-fee transactions worldwide.

Hosting approximately 3200 transactions per second, it’s clear that the use of Solana (SOL)  is catching on in the wider cryptocurrency community. The developers of Solana (SOL) endorse this, advertising that their platform has the ‘Scale for global adoption.’

It’s not only popularity that can make Solana (SOL) an attractive option: the network has been custom-built and fine-tuned for speed, boasting block times as low as 400 milliseconds – slightly faster than the average speed of light. Developers of the platform are also confident that as further hardware and software advancements are made, these speeds will only increase.

This speed-oriented approach, coupled with Solana’s scalability, means that the development team can confidently claim that fees will remain lower than $0.01 for users – forever.

For the spendthrift among investors, Solana (SOL) makes a strong case for itself as a low-fee and efficient blockchain solution.


Big Eyes Coin: Furry and Fee-Free

Another option for tax-conscious investors is the fresh meme coin Big Eyes. This exciting project is currently in its presale stages and has racked up almost $8M in funding at the time of writing – an impressive entry to the world of blockchain currencies.

This should come as no surprise in this era of cryptocurrency investment, where saving pennies can be of vital importance. The team behind Big Eyes has firmly committed to a customer-friendly business model where all transactions are as low-fee as possible.

In fact, according to Big Eyes’ Whitepaper, token holders will be subject to no ‘Ruff Stuff,’ meaning no buy tax, no sell tax, and absolutely no hidden fees whatsoever.

Further to this, 80% of the coin’s total supply will be available for community ownership on launch – so if this fee-free approach appeals to you, you can jump in for as much value as you like.

If you’re already a holder of Big Eyes Coin (BIG), you could win big by partaking in the team’s competition – as long as you hold $100 or more of Big Eyes, a simple tweet or following a social media account could win you $250K worth of Big Eyes tokens. Not to be sniffed at if you’re looking to make money while you save money in the tight financial conditions of late 2022.

Finally, if you’re keen to get hold of some BIG for yourself, you can make your investment go further: Big Eyes are offering bonus tokens for a limited time by using the code: BEYES667

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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