5 Add-On products you need to know about

5 Add-On products you need to know about

In a world where cloud-based technology is becoming more popular each day, it seems only natural that products, that help optimise workflows and make it more effective, are finding their way to us.

We have become used to everything being available online or at least things being easier due to the use of technology. It is all about saving time, optimizing and making things as efficient and effective as possible. To help improve efficiency within the workplace, Add-On Products has created 5 different solutions.

5 Add-On Products that makes the workflow more efficient

Meeting Room Booking System

Tired of spending too much time on booking the right room for your next meeting? It is last minute and you just realized that you haven’t booked a Meeting Room. Normally you would panic but the Meeting Room Booking System has made it easy to book the right room with enough seats for all attendees and with the right settings in regards to the technology needed in the meeting. Even better – you can just do it from your phone.

Workspace Booking App

Working from wherever you want has officially become a thing. Covid made us all realize that we do not need a permanent working space for our work day to be efficient. The Workspace Booking App makes it possible for you to book a workspace or meeting-room from your phone. The app makes it possible to find the right workspace that fits your preferences and needs.

Conference Room Signs

Even when it is done through an app, technology still just seems to make everything easier. Add-On Products offers Conference Room signs to put up outside of each of your Meeting Rooms. Walking past a Meeting room and suddenly realizing you need one? Book the meeting room directly on the sign outside of the conference room. The sign is always up-to-date and makes sure there are no double-bookings.

Desk Booking Screens

Want to maximise space utilisation? Desk Booking Screens stay up-to-date at all times and help prevent mis-understandings and double-bookings of desks and workspaces. How does it work? Scan your RFID access card and check the status of the wanted workspace. It does not get any easier.

Dynamic Digital Signage Software

What better way to start a meeting than making visitors feel welcome by giving them the information they need the second they enter? Dynamic Digital Signage gives visitors and staff an overview of the day’s events such as meetings and other activities planned. You can use it for text, images, videoes, pictures and RSS feeds.


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