Here’s what you should expect from Avalanche, Shiba Inu, Rocketize after the Bear Market

Here's what you should expect from Avalanche, Shiba Inu, Rocketize after the Bear Market Uniswap, Compound, and Supontis Token: Three Cryptocurrency projects to watch in this Bear Market

When a bear season occurs, the entire market dips. The value of cryptocurrency assets will reduce considerably. However, don’t let this drop in value fool you. The bear market is more than just a period where the price of crypto assets can drop quickly. It’s also an opportunity for traders to purchase reliable cryptocurrency projects at lesser prices. When buying digital assets during a market crash, you will likely enjoy more profits when the market reverses. But how’d you achieved this?

All you have to do is identify a reliable project that has dipped in price, purchase it and hold till the storm is over. Top-rated crypto projects include; Avalanche, Shiba Inu, and Rocketize. These projects have been affected by the 2022 crypto crash; you can purchase any of them on popular crypto exchanges worldwide.  This piece will reveal what you should expect after the bear market.

Avalanche The Popular Crypto

Avalanche is one of the popular cryptocurrency projects that are rarely spoken about but are impressive in their own right. Why? Because Avalanche belongs to a category of cryptocurrencies touted as alternatives to Ethereum. As an alternative to Ethereum, Avalanche is one of the projects with the most unusual use cases. It means Ethereum can be used to create smart contracts. These smart contracts can establish decentralized applications.

Another impressive thing to note about Avalanche is that it gives plenty of control to users. This project has 720 million tokens. The governance model of the token will determine if more passes are to be created and how many more tickets to develop. To offer near-instant transaction finality, Avalanche uses a proof-of-stake mechanism. This mechanism demands that users will stake their digital assets on Avalanche’s blockchain. These digital assets will be used to support transactions.

Avalanche’s position as an Ethereum killer means it’ll always have eyes on it. After the bear market, it may finally hit its potential.

Shiba Inu The Meme Coin

Shiba Inu is a meme coin that exploded the coin market before gradually receding. But there are clear indications that it can regain its steam after the bear market is over. Many people credit Shiba Inu for being Dogecoin’s main competitor. The first thrilling thing to note about Shiba Inu is that it was made by a development team that comprises developers who broke off from Dogecoin. This group of developers, known as Ryoshi, opted to create their projects.

Shiba Inu was designed to learn from some of the mistakes of Dogecoin. But this didn’t stop it from using a logo similar to its predecessor’s. Unlike Dogecoin’s unlimited reserves, Shiba Inu has a limited total supply. It has also been able to ensure its relevance. The meme coin is accepted as payment on about 300 online platforms.

Rocketize The New Meme Coin

Like Shiba Inu, Rocketize is a meme coin. But it doesn’t follow the path of Dogecoin. Instead, this meme coin offers user DeFi features. Rocketize wishes to combine the best of both worlds effectively. It will create a decentralized protocol that can support smart contracts and decentralized applications and promote business via the blockchain. In addition, this meme coin will be used to mint NFTs. Furthermore, this protocol will also feature an element of fun.

JATO is the ticker symbol for Rocketize. Because Rocketize is built on the Binance Smart Chain, JATO is a BEP-20 token. Rocketize may be in its presale phase, but it’s already showing signs of being a good buy. The development team of this token will use token burns to reduce its supply and increase its demand.

Rocketize Token (JATO)





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