Why flight planning is a must for airlines

Why flight planning is a must for airlines

Everyone knows that time saved is money earned. It is a common saying and it definitely has some facts to it. Because the truth is that good planning means less mistakes and less mistakes are time saved and time saved is money earned or time spent elsewhere important.

That is why planning systems are golden within businesses, it does not matter what industry – planning is always the key. Therefore, it is no exception either when it comes to the airline industry. PPS Flight planning is a software that is designed to have the highest usability and to fit most flight planning software solutions.

3 reasons why flight planning is a good idea

Easy usability

Great usability is often something that is added. That is the difference between the PPS flight planning and other software’s. The PPS Flight Planning is designed into the software and that makes it so easy to use. It comes with an interface that is easy to use among its users and dispatchers will in no time learn how to create, file and review flight plans.


You know when you have found the perfect platform and you cannot wait for it to be integrated with your software but as you are installing it, you realise it isn’t compatible with your software. That is not a worry with the PPS Flight Planning software. Integration through a variety of different software systems is old news. So far, the Flight Planning software has been integrated to more than 50 third-party aviation software systems. Some of the systems are:

  • Scheduling systems
  • Booking systems
  • Crew management systems
  • EFB systems
  • Performance programs systems
  • Personalised-build systems

Different types of dispatch solutions

As if the Flight Planning software was not personalized enough – it is also possible to tailor your dispatch. The PPS Flight Planning has 3 different types of dispatch solutions that you can choose from. That makes it possible for you to choose the best possible solution based on your operations requirements.

It is obvious that the Flight Planning software program is made to match the user’s needs and wishes. It is therefore no surprise either that it is used in more than 75 countries worldwide. In 2021 more than 400 aviation operators were using the PPS Flight Planning software. And do not worry – even though most new beginnings are tough, it is possible to order training in flight planning whether it’s as a group or individual.


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