Dogecoin trading volume surges. Big Eyes Presale Accelerates. Are we entering a Meme Coin Bull Market?

Dogecoin trading volume surges. Big Eyes Presale Accelerates. Are we entering a Meme Coin Bull Market?

The chilling realities of a crypto winter have been prevalent throughout the markets for months. Trading volume on tokens has been extremely low and volatility has been absent. That is until Elon Musk’s Twitter deal gained media attention once again, with the common belief that it could be finalised as early as Friday the 28th of October.

Upon this news, Dogecoin trading volume has been sent into the cosmos. DOGE 24 hour volume is roughly a quarter of its market capitalisation, $2.5 billion trading out of its $10.3 billion market cap. These conditions are unheard of in bear markets and could give rise to the possibility that we are on the verge of entering more bullish conditions.

Dogecoin has very strong affiliations with Elon Musk and it is likely for this reason that DOGE has seen a dramatic increase in demand and trading volume following this Twitter takeover update. Coupled with wider bullish announcements for the cryptocurrency market there is sound reason to presume the bear market might be coming to its end.

What effect could Dogecoin have on the rest of the market?

As the first of its kind, Dogecoin is the leader of all thing’s meme coin. DOGE to the meme coin market is what Bitcoin is to cryptocurrency. Because of this, it has the strongest partnerships and affiliations with wider society and businesses – as displayed through Elon Musk’s love of the meme coin.

Dogecoin will likely be the leader of any meme coin bull market. Following DOGE’s initial pump, secondary meme coins such as Shiba Inu, Dogelon Mars and newer currencies like Big Eyes Coin will begin to see greater liquidity and increased prices

With the adoption of DOGE by Elon Musk into his companies such as Tesla and now Twitter, meme coins have been granted a far greater use case. This begs the question as to what other functions meme coins could have, and more importantly, which meme coins could be utilised.

As it stands, dogs have already been spoken for through DOGE and the cats have not had a chance to have their say in the crypto market. That is, until now…

Big Eyes Coin – The cat getting involved in the dog fight.

As Dogecoin and Shiba Inu battle it out in their search for supremacy, Big Eyes Coin has been gathering a huge amount of momentum under the radar. As a cat, this meme coin has huge potential to gain a significant market share from feline fanatics. Currently in its presale, now is a very good opportunity to get your hands on a possible bull market winner. Leveraging the lack of cat-inspired coins to its benefit, Big Eyes has already caught the attention of many investors and social media influencers, many of which have been flooding Twitter with their future predictions for the success of this cat.

Despite the project still being so young, its level of influencer collaboration is very impressive. It is probable that through these mediums the coin is most likely to succeed and become a top 10 cryptocurrency, as one of the developers stated in a recent AMA.

Uniqueness is paramount in the crypto industry and Big Eyes certainly has that in abundance. As a feline, multiple avenues for the adoption of this currency could be opened that could never be opened for dog themes meme coins (Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.)

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