Keep watch on Big Eyes Coin and Cardano as the Crypto Market moves towards a bullish trend

Keep watch on Big Eyes Coin and Cardano as the Crypto Market moves towards a bullish trend

We have seen several months of downward trends, and it’s been pretty clear that we are in a bear market rally. The cryptocurrency market is mainly driven by sentiment, and seeing as many investors are sitting on their hands right now, it would be safe to say confidence in the market is low. Fundamental and technical analysis do not also point to a specific trend to expect, and as such most crypto enthusiasts are watching to see how this plays out.


If this is your first year in the cryptocurrency market, you should know that prices go back up when they come down. There are other opportunities to take advantage of, like the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) presale. Besides buying up your favorite cryptocurrencies at a discount now, you could consider Big Eyes a low-risk presale token investment with huge profit potential.

Presale prices are often set to cater to early investors and offer them the opportunity to exit with a profit as early as the public sale. However, smart investors know that it is only the beginning, and they can go on to make much more profit if they wait a little longer. While you’re at it, Cardano (ADA) is a pretty decent network to keep an eye on as the market regains strength.

Cardano – The Eco-Friendly Crypto

Cardano (ADA) is a third-generation blockchain looking to overcome the scalability dilemma. The network hopes to offer the three solid pillars (decentralization, scalability, and security) without compromising on any of those. Cardano launched into the market as a direct improvement on Ethereum (ETH) and intended to revolutionize the landscape.

It hasn’t found much success in being a competitor to Ethereum, but it has been a top crypto asset for a while. The Cardano community strongly believes in the possibility of the platform scaling across all landscapes. The developer community has continued to implement upgrades to the network and make it a better competition for cutting-edge solutions. The last hyped update enabled smart contracts, and it was the reason for the ADA token to pump.

The network has had another upgrade recently called the Vasil Hard Fork, which is the third development phase for the network. If any crypto project is worth looking at, Cardano deserves a spot on that list.

Big Eyes Coin – Saving the Oceans

Big Eyes Coin is a new Ethereum-based meme token project that is primed to restore life to the cryptocurrency market. The token is a DeFi token despite fronting as a meme coin. However, the meme narrative will help it find more success in the DeFi landscape, as users appear to find more interest in trading meme tokens in poor market conditions since they do not expect much, and it often starts as a joke.

The project aims to use DeFi as a tool for wealth creation while putting the best use of other utilities enabled by the community. Considering the volume level a meme token project like this will control, Big Eyes Coin is pretty big on the charity side too. 5% of the token supply will be sent to a charity wallet that would support ocean-saving causes worldwide and will continue to do more with the tax fees that emerge from its ecosystem.

Big Eyes Coin is a community-governed project also and will enable holders to have a say in the decisions of the project. Users get to send suggestions as proposals and also vote for consensus on whether the proposals should be adopted or not. Big Eyes Coin has been impressive on presale and presents an opportunity for profit.


If you use the code ‘BIG742’ at the checkout, Big Eyes Coin will give you a 5% bonus on your order!

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