Dogecoin is up more than 94% since Elon Musk purchased Twitter. Can Big Eyes Coin rally in the last day of Uptober?

Dogecoin is up more than 94% since Elon Musk purchased Twitter. Can Big Eyes Coin rally in the last day of Uptober?

Welcome to the last day of Uptober, where the crypto flock is getting ready for a final rally to push the market further into the green territory. Many exciting things happened this autumn, with Elon Musk purchasing Twitter as the cherry on top. Many have doubted that one of the most eccentric businessmen on the plant would seal the deal after a court case, sexual allegations, and other contingencies seemingly prevented him from achieving his goal.

Fast forward to the present moment, and Tesla’s CEO is here, and he means business. On the back of this news, the price of DOGE, the native token of Dogecoin, has increased by almost 95%, along with the rest of the crypto market. Join me in today’s editorial, where we will see what role Elon’s purchase played in the latest rally and can Big Eyes Coin finish Uptober on a bright note. Let’s dive in.


Dogecoin: The Land of Dogs Follows Elon’s Lead

After Elon entered the Twitter premises with the sink in his hands, once again signifying that puns can be funny, the popular meme coin Dogecoin broke out of the doghouse that is crypto winter and answered its master call with the most impressive spike in the last five months. The Dogecoin project has long been the community’s favourite project and rightfully deserves the title of the people’s token.

Conceived initially as a joke by two developers, Billy Marcus and Jackson Plamer, to confront the too-serious state of the crypto market, this peer-to-peer currency, which runs on the Proof-of-Work, has entered the top-10 crypto elite club by market capitalisation with no plans leaving anytime soon.

Although the coin is still down 84% from ATH of 73 cents set in May of 2021, the social media giant’s acquisition by the world’s richest man and some additional factors could extend DOGE’s current rally. Namely, since Tesla merchandise is available for purchase through the carmaker’s website using Dogecoin and Musk hinted numerous times that the community’s token might be accepted as payment for the verified Twitter accounts, the future of DOGE this winter looks brighter than ever.

Big Eyes Coin: The cat nation continues to smash the Presale

While the DOGE supporters enjoyed a brief spike in their favourite crypto, the Cat Nation, led by the Big Eyes Coin, has been smashing its presale targets around the clock. Needless to say, the project was able to amass more than $9 million in the bank and finished the Uptober month among the very few winners. This is not a surprising development, considering that it amalgamates two of the most lucrative crypto industries under its umbrella – DeFi and NFTs.

However, its aesthetic side resonates the most with the crypto flock, as the community is tired of numerous copycat projects where the narrative and style stay the same while the only thing being altered is the very few things of an NFT avatar. Overall, this project represents a breath of fresh air in the NFT industry, where stagnation has been the name of the past year. If you feel like this project might be for you, use this promo code BIG524 to win free tokens when purchasing the project;’s native token, BIG. Happy trading!



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