Crypto Punks Holders should buy BudBlockz NFTs

Crypto Punks Holders should buy BudBlockz NFTs

The popularity and promising returns offered by cryptocurrencies and NFTs are encouraging more investors to explore the potential of blockchain technology. If you are struggling with selecting cryptocurrencies for a well-balanced portfolio, start by looking up information about some leading names like Crypto Punks or BudBlockz. ‘Here’s a brief overview of these two platforms.

CryptoPunks: Where Blockchain meets Digital Art

CryptoPunks is an NFT series comprising over 10,000 eclectic characters which are based on the proof-of-ownership consensus algorithm. Also, these NFTs are Ethereum-compatible. The modern-day CryptoArt movement has inspired the series itself. These NFTs are called punks. The CryptoPunks’ success was an inspiration for several other art-based NFT series built on the ERC-721 standard. None of the two NFTs are identical, and many users have generated huge returns from these NFTs.

BudBlockz: Blockchain for securing legal access to Global Cannabis Markets

BudBlockz has been designed as a blockchain-based e-commerce platform enabling secure and legal access to the international cannabis market. The platform aims to set up a fair-trade and democratized ecosystem where users get to explore the various opportunities the sector offers. It aims to help marijuana corporations iron out many of the challenges they face, including logistics, data management, seed-to-sale tracking, and fundraising.

The ‘platform’s native token $BLUNT is the primary cryptocurrency of the network and comes in handy while dealing with all kinds of transactional use cases like liquidity management, staking, token swapping, and earning rewards, among others. It is built on the ERC-20 protocol, and its total supply is 420,000,000 units. It’s advisable to purchase these tokens now that they’re  on presale.

Of the total supply of the $BLUNT tokens, around 25.6% will be dedicated to the presale, while another 6.4% of tokens will be dedicated to a private sale. The platform will reserve 25% of the tokens for liquidity management and 18% for funding marketing activities. Another 8% of the tokens will be dedicated to developers’ wallets. Moreover, as the $BLUNT Token is deflationary, its units are burned regularly to keep its supply limited. The BudBlockz team will keep 2% of the token supply for its burn events. The remaining tokens will be set aside for founders and project partners, but they will have a vesting period of 365 days.

The platform has designed a limited NFT series called the Ganja Guruz collection, and its total supply is fixed at 10,000 units. These NFTs can open manydoors for investors in the international cannabis market. These include access to farms and dispensaries globally and discount codes for BudBlockz. The most exciting part is that NFT owners will also get fractional ownership of cannabis dispensaries and farms worldwide. By owning a certain percentage of these farms and dispensaries, NFT owners can look forward to earning dividends.

As per many veteran investors, Budblockz has an edge over other platforms as it checks off all the right boxes for investors looking for long-term returns. In addition, users get to access a niche industry like cannabis while accessing several other income-earning opportunities on the platform. Moreover, the cryptocurrency has been reviewed by several cryptocurrency analysts and many of them have claimed that BudBlockz has the potential to even earn 100x returns for its investors in the long term.

Bottom Line

CryptoPunks holders should buy BudBlocks NFT because of its multiple rewards and high growth potential.  Purchasing BudBlockz NFT will automatically allow users to become fractional owners of dispensaries and farms and also earn massive benefits.

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