Fenbro as one of Ireland’s leading distributors of windows and doors

Fenbro as one of Ireland's leading distributors of windows and doors

If you take into account the fact that the number of windows and doors manufacturers on the Irish market is really huge, finding the proper joinery for your new build or renovation project shouldn’t be really a problem, right? Well, only theoretically. Let’s face the (quite ugly) truth: in fact, the purchase of windows and doors is only the first on the list of issues that has to be solved, and it’s not even the most important one, as it turns out. Why? The answer is simple: all those newly bought windows and doors have to be installed. And that’s the beginning of your real problems, because finding a reliable fitter or team of fitters who will not rip you off and will be available in the predictable future, is not as easy as it may seem.

Does that mean there is no hope? Well, not really: there is Fenbro, a company that operates a bit differently than the vast majority of window and door suppliers on the Irish market. What’s unique about Fenbro, you may ask? Here’s some information!

Fenbro vs a typical distributor – main differences

The matter is really simple: Fenbro services are a complete package. But wait, what does that mean exactly? Simply speaking, the main difference between Fenbro and many other windows and doors suppliers from Ireland is the fact that from the moment you contact the Fenbro Sales Team, you don’t have to worry about pretty much anything else regarding your joinery. You get a professional, complete service, which means a wide range of top-quality products from Fenbro offer, delivery to your address, installation, warranty and after-sales support. And that’s not all: after completing the installation of your new joinery, Fenbro fitters will instruct you on how to properly handle your new windows and doors so that they will not be accidentally damaged as a result of improper operation.

What’s the catch? There has to be a catch!

Well, no. There’s no catch, no hidden costs, nothing of the sort. There’s an additional bonus for you, though, if you decide to take advantage of Fenbro’s services: the company’s offer covers a wide range of windows and doors from Poland, the country which is a European leader in the joinery industry. All windows and doors available in Fenbro offer come from the best Polish manufacturers, like Aluplast (best known for top-quality uPVC window systems), Velux (their roof windows are so good that the company’s name became a byword for this type of windows) or Wikęd (the manufacturer of sturdy external doors that can withstand even the most unfavourable weather).

Another benefit for you is that you don’t have to worry about compliance of your newly bought windows and doors with the Irish safety regulations. All the doors and windows from Poland available in the Fenbro offer are certified for use in Ireland (fulfilling requirements for EU markets) and are specifically tailored to the needs of Irish customers. Even more importantly, many Irish customers have already trusted Fenbro, confirming their experience and the quality of Fenbro services in the comments on Facebook and Google.

And if you’re wondering why windows from Poland, despite their top-notch quality, are more affordable than those from the local Irish retailers, the answer is very simple: joinery manufactured in Poland is cheaper because the overall production costs are lower. How’s that possible? Advanced machinery and technological facilities as well as highly-skilled workers allow for high optimisation of the whole manufacturing process, which directly translates into the final price of doors and windows from Poland. 

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