Dogeliens Token taking over the DeFi Crypto Space

Dogeliens Token taking over the DeFi Crypto Space

Meme coins have quickly dominated the cryptocurrency rankings, and mainstream cryptocurrencies are fighting to retain the recognition that meme coins are stealing from them.

Memes are a favourite among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, which accounts for their enormous appeal. However, Dogeliens (DOGET) is a meme currency with unique qualities that set it apart from the competition.

Meme coins are linked to online humour and popular culture. This subcategory of crypto-assets aims to meet Gen Z and Millennials’ cravings for humorous diversions.

However, a subgroup category emerged from meme coins as a result of their appeal in the cryptocurrency field. Dog-themed cryptocurrencies are dominating the market, following the example set by Dogecoin, the king of meme coins.


The Pup-Pet Master

The open-source, peer-to-peer decentralised platform used by Dogeliens, the puppet master of decentralised finance (DeFi), enables users, holders, and investors to stake and earn cryptocurrencies.

On this platform, transactions are carried out safely and anonymously without the involvement of other parties. Users of Dogeliens, however, ultimately control their funds.

 Additionally, because these transactions are performed at a lower cost, anyone interested in using this decentralized blockchain network may do so with ease.

Dogeliens Academy

Anyone interested in plunging into the crypto realm will be able to obtain properly structured and well-researched content in the Dogeliens academy. The Dogeliens universe needs information to enable DOGET users to comprehend the benefits of this blockchain platform to conquer the metaverse.

This learning centre is completely free and open to everyone interested. However, the learning platform will also teach fundamental skills. Reading, writing, geography, and mathematics are examples of these talents.

Dogeliens’ Charity Endeavors

To purchase a DOGET, you must go through four stages. The first step is to create a wallet; the second step is to finance the wallet; the third step is to purchase DOGET on pancake swap, which will reflect on the wallet; and lastly, you may choose to exchange BSC for DOGET.

Dogeliens users can take part in humanitarian initiatives. This is accomplished by deducting 3% from each transaction on the Dogeliens platform. The 3% is immediately sent to the charity wallet, where monies are set aside for philanthropic purposes.

The Dogeliens crew takes this wallet out at the end of the month and donates it to a charitable organisation or funds education in poor places of the world.


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