Best staking crypto to invest in for 2023: Aave (AAVE), Solana (SOL) and Orbeon (ORBN)

Staking has become a popular way for cryptocurrency holders to put their tokens to work so they can earn rewards. Both Aave and Solana are relatively mature projects that have staking options, so naturally, they’re up for consideration.

However, there’s a new and intriguing project — currently in stage 1 of its presale — that is drawing a lot of attention. Read more to see whether Orbeon might be the stand-out choice as the best staking crypto to invest in for 2023.


Orbeon Protocol – Incredible Staking Potential

Orbeon Protocol is an exciting new project, which uses the Orbeon Protocol platform to enable funding rounds for ambitious, early-stage businesses and opens them up to smaller investors, who are normally excluded from the venture capital world. The project achieves this through the Orbeon platform, which utilises equity-backed NFTs to streamline the process of bringing businesses seeking funding and smaller investors together.

With investment opportunities in early-stage businesses starting at just $1, and with a “Fill or Kill” mechanism returning investments from companies that fail to reach their early goals, Orbeon can unlock capital pools held by thousands of micro-investors. These investors are also likely to be reassured by the locked team tokens and locked liquidity measures already taken by the team.

The project uses its utility token, ORBN, for many purposes. It is at the core of the platform and required for both businesses to run funding rounds, and for investors to access the platform and gain access to investment opportunities. Token ownership is also incentivised through the discounts on trading fees and cashback rewards used in the Orbeon ecosystem.

Orbeon is a huge favorite of many skilled cryptocurrency analysts and investors, with the hotly anticipated presale only recently starting. Part of the appeal of Orbeon and holding its token, ORBN, is the staking opportunities already laid out by the team’s strategic plans.


Staking on Aave – Earning Rewards With A Big Risk

Aave is a mature project which has already built up a sizable community. Aave offers instantly available loans, secured by cryptocurrency collateral.

Aave offers an effective annual return of just under 5% through its staking program, but it’s not all positive, as with that benefit comes a significant downside risk. With cryptocurrency prices being very volatile, there can be a risk of a ‘shortfall’ of funds for liquidity on Aave, and the risk with staking on Aave is that in the case of a shortfall, stakers can lose up to 30% of the AAVE token they have staked. 

Staking on Solana – Benefits If Slashing Is Avoided

Solana has been able to gather a significant share of the blockchain market, with a very active developer community growing from the point Solana started in April 2019. The risk with staking for 6% returns on Solana that many users are not happy with is slashing — where the token amount is cut if the validator behaves inappropriately. Because users don’t control the validator, this is a risk too large for many SOL holders.


The ability to earn a passive reward through staking the ORBN token with reduced risks, makes Orbeon a powerful candidate for those looking for the best staking opportunities. Alongside ORBN holders benefiting from the huge potential for adoption and token price appreciation — with 60x gains predicted just in presale — it’s no surprise that Orbeon is now considered among the best staking opportunities for 2023, ahead of Solana and Aave.

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