Not the Brexit I wanted according to Brexiteer Lord Wolfson

Lord Wolfson of Aspley Guise

Lord Wolfson of Aspley Guise Credit: Next Media Centre

Not the Brexit I wanted according to Brexiteer Lord Wolfson the Chairman of Next in an interview with the BBC about immigration.

He believes that the UK’s current immigration policy was a major deterrent to economic growth as there are simply insufficient workers available to undertake a number of different jobs and employers are desperate for staff.

Whilst recognising that one of the strong arguments for Brexit was to ensure that British workers were able to find employment, he can see that there is shortage of staff in some important areas.

In the interview he told the BBC: “We have got people queuing up to come to this country to pick crops that are rotting in fields, to work in warehouses that otherwise wouldn’t be operable, and we’re not letting them in.

“And we have to take a different approach to economically productive migration.”

In order to grow the economy, he believes that Britain’s leaders need to decide whether the UK believed and practised free trade or wanted to become ‘fortress Britain’ allowing only professionals such as doctors and nurses into the country.

Lord Wolfson’s suggestion is that that businesses who need foreign workers should be able to pay a tax of 10 per cent to the government on foreign workers’ salaries to ensure that only the businesses that really couldn’t find UK workers would recruit overseas.

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