Brit’s ‘awkward’ flight sat between a couple and baby as husband refuses to swap seats

Brit's 'awkward' flight sat between a couple and baby as husband refuses to swap seats

Brit's 'awkward' flight sat between a couple and baby as husband refuses to swap seats. Credit: Surachet Jo/

A BRITISH passenger has divided opinion after tweeting about a recent experience on a plane that saw him sitting between a couple and a baby, with the father “refusing” to swap seats and be with his family.

Sam Neve says that he was allocated the middle seat on the flight, and when he sat down he realised that a couple was sitting on either side of him, with a baby on the woman’s lap.

Sam says he offered to swap with the father – but the dad refused to move and instead sat in the aisle seat and “ignored” his family for the two-hour flight.

He tweeted: “Just boarded a flight and I’m sat with a couple and their baby, but the husband refused to give up his aisle seat so I’m now just… in the middle of them?”

After receiving several messages from followers, Sam offered an update about his situation.

“He stuck his headphones in, ate an entire pack of Haribo, and didn’t talk to her for the entire two-hour flight,” he added.

His initial tweet has received around 2,000 likes and more than 700 comments from followers who are divided on the issue, with some deducing that the couple probably hoped that the middle seat would be free.

One reply said: “They did that thinking the middle seat would be free. I don’t think people should be allowed to book seats in that way.”

Whereas others say that the couple booked the seats fair and square.

“You’ve decided he should give up something he booked, for whatever reason he made that choice, and are now angry with him because he won’t. What a bizarre entitled attitude you have,” replied one.

But another disagreed and pointed out that Sam was not angry, but merely pointing out the odd situation.

“It’s interesting how many commenters interpreted your tweet to mean you were upset about not getting the aisle seat, rather than how weird it was that the couple chose to have a stranger sit between them instead of sitting together *with their baby*,” another remarked.

While both sides were debating who was in the right, others reasoned that the man might have had a medical condition or phobia of flying.

One wrote: “I always book an aisle seat because I suffer from claustrophobia. Hate flying but even worse if I’m trapped in my seat and unable to get up and walk around – even if just to the loo. My OH always books the window seat so we often have a stranger sitting between us. So what?”

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