Interview with Dutch Soul Empowerment Coach Birgitta Visser

Birgitta with her new book Credit: Power Soul Healing Facebook

INTERVIEW with Dutch Soul Empowerment Coach Birgitta Visser who lives in the UK and has a new book released entitled ‘BE-com-ing Authentically Me.’

In today’s world, there are coaches (some of whom aren’t always meant to be taken seriously) for almost every aspect of life but for those who don’t know what a Soul Empowerment Coach, Birgitta explained the concept to Euro Weekly News.

“My role is help align the inner spiritual essence of life with the outer life.”

In Birgitta’s case, her outer life has seen difficult days and has often been a turbulent journey, having served as a steep learning curve. She’s been a model, bartender, promo girl, dog walker, healer, web designer, created her own organic soap line, designed jewellery, taught holistic workshops and worked many jobs in the corporate world.

“Being a nomad and a seeker, I have travelled the globe extensively, leaving an indelible impression on all those I met, while making a home wherever I roamed.”

In her new book, ‘BE-com-ing Authentically Me,’ Birgitta hopes that by sharing her many life experiences she may provide a guiding light to those who’ve had their own challenges in life.

“I keep telling anyone who’ll listen, the most important ingredient to success is to always be you, not what the world wants you to be.

“Life is really about being your authentic self, and not being led by the opinions and the judgement of others. Society conditions us and labels us that we are supposed to be a certain type of person.

“I’m here to tell you, you can be the person you want to be despite what society might be telling you. It doesn’t matter what people think of you or if they even understand you. It matters what you think of you. It matters that you understand you.”

“We’re in this world,” she said, “and people don’t even understand what ‘dot-com’ means. Believe it or not, ‘dot com’ is actually derived from Latin, meaning ‘being together.’

“The idea of ‘being’ in turn leads back to becoming the person you truly are. It’s not easy for most of us to be true to ourselves. But I’m hoping I can inspire people to take a breath and re-examine the person they are, and give them the tools to become the person they want to be.”

Birgitta has transformed her own life experiences of being abused, both as a child and as an adult, to become a better version of herself. And rather than let it destroy her life, she wrote ‘BE-com-ing Authentically Me’, to help educate people on how to deal with life’s traumas.

“I hope my book helps people. There’s no better feeling than when you’re able to give inspiration and guidance to someone and it actually helps them improve their lives. And it all begins with loving yourself. Your ‘authentic’ self. And then you need to live life to the fullest. And not just exist. And you need to live NOW.”

“Life is like the sound of music,” she has concluded. “You’ve got to dance before the music stops.”

If you want to make a New Year resolution to be true to yourself search out her new book on Amazon.

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