I beg your padron: Why it is so important to register

I beg your pardon, why it is so important to register

Sometimes it's more up to us than we realise Image - Padron Police

The first time someone told me that I should be “empadronada” was whilst watching my first Easter “parade” in Marbella. Surrounded by Klu Klux Klan impersonators as it seemed to me in my ignorance of the religious processions held in Spain, it sounded formidable.

Curiously, even though no one else probably makes an association with signing on the pardon as I did back in the day, the thought of it still seems to fill us with dread and reticence when the subject is broached.

As I understand it from general feedback it’s the fear of being taxed or it costing us some unforeseen charge or commitment. This however is really not the case at all, quite the contrary in fact.

The Town Hall have campaigned with passion to try and convey the reality of what it means to have the city’s residents registered and it basically comes down to the need to provide enough services for those of us who live here. If we don’t all register then there is no way that Marbella Town Hall will be allocated with the corresponding funds by Central Government.

The greater the number of registered voters, the greater the amount of funds that a City Hall receives for municipal infrastructure and services. This is for basic necessities that we all expect, such as providing enough rubbish bins and collection routes, policing of residential areas and creating sufficient health centres to match the demand to name but a few rudimentary requirements we all have.

If you spend more than a few months in our city you are eligible and requested to register. In the case of European citizens or citizens of a country with a reciprocity agreement, when registering also ask and verify that you have filled in your right to vote for the local and European elections. You have a voice here so why not use it?

Click here for Link to registration info

Click here for Links for a prior appointment online

Or call: 952761100 Cita previa Padron – You can choose the area where best suits you too with offices in Marbella, San Pedro, Nueva Andalucía and Las Chapas.

It’s a bit laborious to register but not difficult; if in doubt or its too confusing for you, please contact the Foreigner’s Department at the Marbella Town Hall to assist you.

There is a fabulous English speaking team that handles more than we could imagine to juggle the needs of our 147 different nationalities, but that’s their mission: to help the foreign residents navigate the system and settle in safely and happily.

Telephone number for the Foreigner’s Department: +34 952 76 87 66

WhatsApp number: +34 682 83 23 74.

You can also sign up to the bi-weekly newsletter to get up-dates on local news, events or essential information: extranjeros@marbella.es

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