Almería advances in its plans to be an active tourism destination

Tourism experts from throughout Almería gathered to develop policy for the region as an active tourism destination

Almería TRAILBLAZES in sports tourism after hosting the first Almería Sports Destination Summit on Wednesday November 16. The Teatro Cervantes was the venue for the event which attracted sector professionals from throughout the region to promote active tourism.

Organisers described the event as a ‘resounding success’ as authorities developed a strategy to strengthen and develop sports and active tourism in the region. Professionals attending the summit aimed to identify successful sporting events and adapt them to the facilities on offer in Almería.

There were free workshops and panel discussions throughout the day for professionals to network and develop policy for future sporting events.

The Councillor for Promotion, Jesús Luque, highlighted the council’s support for the initiative saying, “Almería has an incomparable natural environment. It is a city that offers mountains, beaches, and even deserts, with an enviable climate and year-round temperature that few cities in the world can compete with”.

Luque added “We have top class sports facilities here, a legacy of the Mediterranean Games in 2005, and sports which are growing in prominence all the time such as golf”.