Major comeback for Almería Jazz Festival during its 30th edition

The Almerijazz Festival attracted plenty of fans for its 30th edition

GRAND RETURN for the Almería Jazz Festival as more than 4000 jazz lovers visited the city to enjoy the 30th edition of the Almerijazz 2022 festival. The event made huge strides in returning to pre-pandemic numbers as it took place from October 29 until November 13.

Almería City Council praised organisers for their mammoth efforts in bringing the festival back into the spotlight in the international jazz calendar. Performances during the fortnight consistently attracted large numbers of fans with a buzzing atmosphere.

The huge number of attendees means that the festival finally has also finally returned to the position it held before a hiatus in 2015 until 2019. Local Councillor for Culture, Diego Cruz said “We wanted to bring Almerijazz back to its previous status and we have achieved that this year, celebrating the 30th edition in style”.

This year’s festival was a joint effort between a whole host of local organisations and the regional government including the Andalucían Photography Centre, and Cineclub Almería. They were able to secure huge names in the industry such as Kyle Eastwood and Kenny Garrett through the collaboration.