PSOE raises political point over hospital waiting lists in Huercal-Overa

Members of the PSOE visited La Inmaculada Hospital in Huercal-Overa after being disappointed by the PP’s management

Political clash in Almería as the left-wing PSOE accuses the conservative PP regional government of healthcare chaos. The PSOE expressed their dismay that hospital waiting lists have grown a staggering 80 per cent under governing Moreno Bonilla.

As hospital waiting lists reach nearly 18,500 in Huercal-Overa, the PSOE criticised the PP’s governance in the region, particularly at La Inmaculada Hospital. It denounced their management calling it “the intentional dismantling of public healthcare in Almería”.

Almería General Secretary of the PSOE, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, along with his Huercal-Overa counterpart, Francisca Fernández, visited the hospital to take a look at the situation. They were outraged by the figures in the hospital which include delays of more than four months in seven departments.

Lorenzo highlighted the human cost of the delays saying “We are talking about an unacceptable growth rate in waiting lists. And let’s not forget these are vulnerable people who are already suffering before we factor in the stress of uncertainty and the fear of not being seen in time”.

The PSOE say they would handle public healthcare in a more efficient and public-oriented manner.