Successful start to the winter season at Almería golf courses

Golf courses in Almería have seen record-breaking figures as the winter season gets underway

RECORD-BREAKING statistics for an Almería Golf Club during the month of October. Alborán Golf Club announced that it broke its all-time player record on November 15.

For the first time since opening its doors in 2006, the club reached more than 6000 visits per month, which meant an average of more than 220 people playing daily. Meanwhile, the club’s yearly figures soared to 44,000, meaning that the club is likely to break its yearly record for players, passing 50,000 by the end of the year.

The council’s golf course is also expected to have a record-breaking season, almost recovering to its 2019 levels, which were the best ever seen.

The successful season for the golfing industry is largely due to an effort to stimulate the northern European market. More golfers from Nordic countries than ever before have been choosing to spend the autumn and winter months at courses in the south of Spain thanks to marketing campaigns and better transport links.

Almería council has also created promotional campaigns to encourage local people to take up the sport and make use of the excellent facilities available.