Big Eyes Coin becomes the Best Crypto Token to buy next to Solana and Fantom

Big Eyes Coin becomes the Best Crypto Token to buy next to Solana and Fantom

Big Eyes has created a niche for itself as a charitable crypto project. This rare feature distinguishes this cat-themed project from other meme coins. Let us discuss some Big Eyes Coin (BIG) charity endeavours.

Big Eyes launched Halloween Competition to reward it’s cat community

This project launched a Halloween competition on October 31. Participants were asked to wear their favorite costumes. Next, they had to share their image on the popular social media platform Twitter. By doing so, they put themselves in a position to win $100 in $BIG.

Many crypto enthusiasts took part in the challenge. The winner of the challenge was Chris Tobin, an Irish contestant. His costume was cute and culture-inspiring.

Big Eyes is indeed a community-based project. It will promote the social attribute of a cat in its ecosystem. This meme project will organise many social engagements like this. It will keep its users entertained and glued to its developments.

Notably, this meme platform will be fun-filled. It will promote teamwork and a sense of belonging.

Big Eyes Coin – A democratically managed project

Big Eyes will run on the Ethereum blockchain. It has placed its cat family at its epicenter. With its ERC-20 tokens, it offers users governance rights. In other words, this is the right to decide how the project will function.

Users can vote or give recommendations. They will have a share in planning and decision-making. These features will foster the growth of the ecosystem.

Big Eyes will release 90% of its assets to remain decentralised. These will be done in two steps. First, it will sell 70% during the presale. It will also release 20% to crypto exchanges. This means that 90% of all BIG tokens will be in control of the crypto community.

Additionally, Big Eyes has kept its developer’s identity hidden. Therefore, it intends to focus solely on its users. Big Eyes will sponsor community-driven initiatives. It will allow crypto enthusiasts to participate in and enjoy rewards.

Comparing Big Eyes Coin with Solana

Solana emerged intending to address scalability. It combines the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof of History (PoH) consensus. Interestingly, Solana has attracted many crypto enthusiasts due to its high-speed culture. It also promotes low transaction fees.

Shopping with BIG will attract zero fees. It will be a go-to medium of exchange. Like Solana, it will be listed on popular decentralized exchanges. Users of Big Eyes will not have scalability issues. Thanks to the Ethereum upgrade, transactions in the Big Eyes ecosystem will be swift.

Comparing Big Eyes with Fantom

When talking about scalability, security, and speed, you can mention Fantom. This cryptocurrency is famous for the creation of Lachesis. Lachesis is a modified proof-of-stake mechanism developed by the Fantom blockchain.


Andre Cronje’s return may make or mar Fantom

Fantom has endured unnecessary criticisms in recent times. This is due to the stability of its development team. One prominent member guilty of this controversy is Andre Cronje.

Andre Cronje has announced his return to Fantom Foundation as the Vice President of Memes. Before its departure some months ago, he was the Technical Advisor and Chair of the Technology Council.

Although his return has boosted the value of FTM, it may affect it in the future. The consistency of management may cast a feeling of doubt on crypto enthusiasts.

On the contrary, Big Eyes has not experienced any controversy. Investigating this project will not trigger any worries. The team members are unknown. Therefore, any administrative reshuffle may not affect operations in any way.

How to purchase the Big Eyes Presale

Joining the Big Eyes ecosystem is very easy. The first thing is to visit Big Eyes’ official website today.

Second, fill out the digital form, and fund your ERC-20 token-compatible wallet with BNB, ETH, or USDT. Then, connect your wallet to the presale platform. The next thing after connecting your wallet is to click the Buy Now button.

Big Eyes is ready to change the narrative in the DeFi sector. It will incorporate community initiatives into its features and reward users in its ecosystem with $BIG and NFTs.

Check out this video for more on this exciting new token.

Use code BIGE791 for bonus tokens.

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